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Some of my Favorite Local Faces

  IMG_7008   IMG_7011 <--Harrie Kessler & A

This guy just radiates pure goodness.  Many of you already know "A" or Asuraphong Liengboonlertchai (if you're fancy with your Thai) as the friendly and community-focused owner of Simplicity Decor (since 2006) and Simplicity ABC (since 2012).  A is the kind of guy that knows his customers by name.  And remembers who they are and what they like.  As I sat chatting with him, people kept popping in for a congratulatory hug and farewell (like customer Harrie in the photo).  It kind of felt like a rock star was leaving the band.  I love that A is always thoughtful and generous and prides himself on not just being here to sell stuff, but embracing the community, getting involved and creating memories.  When he sent out his recent note announcing his departure from Simplicity Decor, it made me smile to read it in his own words, I felt like I could almost hear him speaking.  He says he always knew he wouldn't retire as a retail store owner and finally felt like he's ready to do something different.  So A took a real estate class, invested in a house and flipped it. Then he got his real estate license.   Next he will be working for Hallmark Realty, and as of June 1st he has sold Simplicity Decor to his employee, Lisa.  He will also be working at Simplicity ABC until it sells (want to buy a toy store?). It's not the last time you'll see A, that's for sure. Check out his new website and keep in touch!  206-355-9502 or [email protected] 


IMG_7157   IMG_6959  IMG_7156 

And in other local celebrity business owner news..... Stavros is back!  Our entire family did the happy dance as we left to have dinner at Santorini (106 Central Way) this evening.  I didn't know I could miss lamb meat and my Greek friend so much.  He was really touched that so many people wrote messages on the sign out front - way to show the love Kirkland!  Welcome back, Stavros!


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