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July 24, 2018


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Teri Evans

I hate to say it, but just about the exact thing happened to us at the Beach Café recently. I don't know what is going on there, but until they fix their issues I would not recommend going to that restaurant. It took over an hour for us to get our meal with profuse apologies. You were lucky at least you got your meal for free!


Ugh. Been there, done that. A few times. Both with and without hungry kiddos in tow. They're the perfect example of a business that coasts 100% off of their location. If they were a quarter mile away from the waterfront they'd be out of business in 6 months.

Someone had to make a post about this. I'm not a Yelp user but I can only imagine there are similar stories there about Beach Cafe. Sad, they've got such a perfect location. But they can afford to deliver a lousy experience because they have a guaranteed built-in steady flow of customers solely due to their prime location.

Liz Hunt

That is inexcusable! So sorry you had to experience that. I'd cut and paste your blog post into a Word document, print it, and send it to the General Manager of the Woodmark Hotel. We Kirklanders would really like to patronize our local businesses but that kind of "service" is horrible.
If sending a letter is too old fashioned, then I guess it's time to post on Yelp!


This has basically been my experience at Beach Cafe every single time I've been there. Amazing views, mediocre food (that takes >1 hour to arrive), atrocious service.

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