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Milagro Closed, what's the plan?

Milagrobar <- pic of the original Milagro bar from 2010

has CLOSED, which has everyone buzzing with panic about the fate of longstanding Hector's.  Continental Properties bought 3 big parcels of our downtown (Hector's buildling, Milagro building, parking/empty lot in between),  back in May for a cool $44M.  From what I hear, unofficially, Hector's is supposed to stay open.  So you can still go get my favorite Protein Power breakfast and breathe a sign of relief, at least for now.  Or perhaps  a stiff drink at the bar to accompany a football game sounds better? Continental also developed the recently completed Main St apartments and a few others around town including the Capri Apartments on Central Way.  So- perhaps they like Kirkland? We hope so now that they have some treasured real estate in the heart of our downtown.

What would YOU like to see in that space? (under the inevitable apartments) 

Coastline Burgers open NOW!

IMG_0778 <--say hi to Brandon & Aaron
Finally- their soft opening is this weekend! Burgers and beer/wine- kids AND parents can be happy and all co-exist at mealtime at Coastline Burgers. These two guys, Brandon the manager and Aaron the owner,  are pretty excited to finally be opening at 116 Central Way.  Pop in between 4-9pm this Fri-Mon to see what is going on with their NW pasture-raised beef and drug/hormone/cage-free chicken. They also make their own buns and sauces in house. This is their second location, with the other residing in West Seattle where they have sold over a million burgers in four years.  Kirkland hours starting Monday 8/28 are 11am-9pm.  And they're hiring! Get in there, let me know how it goes.  You can also order online here

Sneak peek:

IMG_0775  IMG_0776

Caption this Photo


So surreal, it almost looks like an album cover.  I did a double-take as I was driving down Kirkland Ave and saw this little person at the top of a tree.  I couldn't decide if I needed to blink and rub my eyes because I had seen an angel land, or if I should run before the alien child spins its head around and laser beams me with her eyes.  Either way, cool photo.  And I survived.

More Gyms Downtown- Here Comes Katalyst Fitness

Kirklanders must really like working out because yet another gym, named Katalyst Fitness, is getting ready to open this month right in the heart of downtown at 127 Lake St (next to Via Lago). F45 on Park Lane isn't quite open yet. Katalyst promises a "full body workout engaging over 90% of your muscles in efficient 20 minutes sessions under the guidance of a trainer." Take a look on their website and you might think you'll be suiting up to jump out of a plane. Yelpers do the best job of explaining their experience at the Bellevue and Seattle/U-Village locations. It sounds like first you do some goal-setting.  Then, you don't have to lift any heavy loads, you put on their base-layer and Katalyst suit that delivers bio-electrical impulses to your muscle fibers while going through instructor-led movements.  I'm definitely curious!?  It will take me longer to walk here (where will people park?) than it will to workout.  But you know I'll try it.  Stay tuned. 425-896-7989, kirkland@katalyst-fitness.com Hours: M-F: 6-9, Sat/Sun 6-3. ~j

Kirkland Softball Heads to the World Series!

IMG_6787 photo credit: Deb Nielsen

Our very own Kirkland Major's softball team has won the Western Regional Softball tournament and are headed to the World Series in Portland, OR this week 8/8-8/15. How cool is that?!  The "West" team has their first game on Weds 8/8 at 7pm.  You can find the entire schedule here (in EST) and watch it on ESPN.  That's big time ladies, way to go!  The ESPN app will be streaming all games and has a free 7 day trial so you don't have to miss a moment.  Good luck out there, we're all rooting for you!!! woot woot! 

Whole Foods Opens 8/16

IMG_0338 1
The Totem Lake grocery store show-down is about to begin.  If you've been able to survive the death trap obstacle course that is the Trader Joe's parking lot, congratulations!  Phase 1 of your training is complete and you have now qualified for the Level 2 parking skills challenge.  August 16th (7:30am) is opening day for the Kirkland Whole Foods! (right next door) Super excited-happy shopping! Welcome to the hood, WFM.