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Milagro Closed, what's the plan?

Milagrobar <- pic of the original Milagro bar from 2010

has CLOSED, which has everyone buzzing with panic about the fate of longstanding Hector's.  Continental Properties bought 3 big parcels of our downtown (Hector's buildling, Milagro building, parking/empty lot in between),  back in May for a cool $44M.  From what I hear, unofficially, Hector's is supposed to stay open.  So you can still go get my favorite Protein Power breakfast and breathe a sign of relief, at least for now.  Or perhaps  a stiff drink at the bar to accompany a football game sounds better? Continental also developed the recently completed Main St apartments and a few others around town including the Capri Apartments on Central Way.  So- perhaps they like Kirkland? We hope so now that they have some treasured real estate in the heart of our downtown.

What would YOU like to see in that space? (under the inevitable apartments) 


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I believe the plan is to build an apartment building on the empty lot. 157 units. A portion of the building will be on top of Milagro's and likely a portion above Hector's which may also have to close. Continental also built the Kirkland Central building on the corner of Kirkland Ave and State Street which completed in 2006.

See 'Pre-permit Review' section of the planning page:


Rumor around the bar is that Hectors will close in the not too distant future. Staff at Milagro were told that the business would stay open only to walk in and find they were out of a job one day. It's funny to hear the stories that the owner tells with a smile on his face. Hector's can't be far behind.

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