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Better U Today (and tomorrow, and the next day...)

IMG_0874 1<--Sam, health & wellness coach (and Mila Kunis look-alike)

I recently spent some time chatting with Travis Jorgensen, owner of Better U Today that opened at 355 Kirkland Ave (across from the Kirkland Performance Center) back in May. You've probably driven by and wondered what is happening in there.  Better U Today offers a customized weight loss program, based on your specific body composition and goals.  The process starts with a free consultation which includes a trip to their super-fancy Imbody 570 scale. Even though I don't get myself on a scale very often (I prefer to let my clothes tell me the bad news), I did muster up the courage to stand on this telling device.

IMG_0871<-- yep, there's my butt

While barefoot, holding onto the handles, and keeping still for a few seconds the machine uses low impact bio-electrical currents to determine my body composition (photo). It spits out a report that breaks down my weight by intracellular water, extracellular water, dry lean mass and body fat mass. Sam, the lead health & wellness coach (photo above) explains it all to me and also reviews the graphical representation of my muscle-fat analysis, obesity analysis and segmental lean analysis (comparing weight/balance of limbs and trunk).  The real kicker is understanding the visceral fat level (ie the 'deadly' fat).  Turns out I am not a candidate for the program, but if I was, the next step would be to fill out a questionnaire and determine our goals.  

IMG_0872<--say hello to owner, Travis, on the vibration power plate ( I like to call it the fat-jiggler but he has none)

The Better U Today program focuses on nutrition.  Under a nutritionist's guidance, they supply 80% of your food. Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks are provided and they teach you how to eat healthy and choose your dinner.  Provided food is mostly smoothies and dry foods and allergies or special dietary requirements can be accommodated.   The length of the program varies based on your starting body composition and where you'd like to be.    Typically men lose 4-6 pounds a week and women 1-3 pounds (nature..hardly seems fair, right ladies? ). The focus is on how you eat, although they do encourage 30 minutes of exercise a day, even if it's a brisk walk. Clients come in once a week to meet with their coach---helloooo accountability!

Additionally, they have a red-light therapy sauna to help increase metabolism and whole body vibration power plates (photo) that helps detox your lymphatic system. Better U Today wants this to be a lifestyle change, and allows you to use the facility free of charge for a lifetime after your goal is met.  Travis prides himself on playing an important role in helping people achieve something that they haven't been able to do before that can change their life.  

Stop in and ask questions anytime at 355 Kirkland Ave (free parking in garage). The consultation and getting on that magical scale is free.  The cost of the program varies based on each case and the amount of time required to attain your goals.  Both individual and corporate rates are available.   425-332-5000. www.betterutoday.com 



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