Crossing Kirkland Sat 9/8

It's for the Kids

Parents---Oy! My relaxing summertime program needs to be put on the back burner so I can jolt myself into the back to school routine. Asap.  My kids were much more enjoyable this year than usual so it's a bit sad to get back to serious.  I have also been loving seeing friend's obligatory back-to-school photos on Facebook and Instagram so I can live in comfort knowing that my kids aren't the only ones whose idea of dressing up for the first day of school is wearing a hoodie sweatshirt.  

I know you are all busy signing emergency contact forms and master planning your carpools, but I am going to put a few more kid-friendly to-do's on your radar.

Strong Against Cancer
at George's-108 Kirkland Ave- Pop in for dinner Monday Sept 10th from 5-9pm you can help raise money for the fight against childhood cancer.  George's will donate a portion of all sales to Strong Against Cancer and Kirkland company, Adaptiva, will match 100% of the donation.  Can't beat that- mom doesn't have to cook and it's a good cause supporting kids- everyone wins! Mark your calendar.


Spareparts   Fredi <--Fred Lajvardi (the inspirational teacher in the book)

Kirkland Reads, Creating Conversations
is a program happening in Kirkland this fall.  It's designed to bring people together to talk about  "Spare Parts: Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and the Battle for the American Dream," by Joshua Davis.  You can find it as a book, movie or documentary.  Expect to see discussions, movie nights, robotic events and talks with the teacher (above) who inspired the kids in the book.  Here is the calendar of events.  This could be a great way for you and your kids to explore themes of ingenuity, perseverance and collaboration.  And we all could use a little of that.  I'm actually  pretty excited my kids are waking up before noon these days. But anyway..

This program is sponsored by KirklandSafe and is supported by 4 Culture, the City of Kirkland, Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission, King County Library System, LWHS Robotics Club, The Book Tree, Friends of the Kirkland Library, Simple Concepts Consulting and Allegro Design.


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Thanks for the blips on the radar! They definitely are worth taking a closer look at. Spare parts sounds intriguing. Have a good one!

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