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How Could I Forget Whole Foods?

Right before the first day of school I took my kids to the new Whole Foods in Totem Lake (12501 120th Ave NE ) so they could pick out some fun back-to-school snacks.  I must have been so mesmerized with my shopping experience that I forgot to share it with you. Then every time I go back I wonder, "did I ever put that blog post up?" Better late than never.

IMG_0753   IMG_0755 heirlooms make me smile

Clearly we need to start with some giant fruit photos because that's my favorite area.  But I also love the ready-made food section by the deli.  It's so expensive extensive that I sometimes wonder if I could avoid prepping and cooking altogether and trick my family by bringing home their creations every day.  Whole Foods welcomes you with a bright energy and vibrant colors, each aisle and end-cap anxiously vying for your attention.  Even my teenage daughters were immediately pulled in by its current feel, not to mention,  entertained by the pastry section that didn't have glass between the sweet treats and their faces. Someone should keep an eye on those two.

IMG_0746 <--step away from the donuts, Sydney!

You won't see any Amazon hardware around, like you do in some of their other stores, but you will find lots of blue "Prime" signs on certain items where you get an extra 10% off if you're an AMZ Prime member.  Be sure to download the Whole Foods app also and use your scan code at the register for your discount.  And hopefully you won't have to spend a 'whole' paycheck, as the saying goes.  And either I'm getting used to the tight parking lot or perhaps they decided to give us 'whole' parking spots to navigate our vehicles, children and grocery carts around. It seems more manageable than I remember.  

You'll spend less if you're in a rush, but darn it sure is FUN to take the time to discover new things. So many unique products that I discover a potential new favorite every time I shop there.   This is a company that cares about quality and also where they source their products, which is evident from the choices they give us, the consumers.  Check out their core values here, which also focus on communities and sustainability.  This also happens to be a great stop for a quick/yummy lunch, with plenty of seating at the front of the store (also where the good people watching happens). The service people have all been super friendly and helpful.  The Village at Totem Lake location is open from 8am-10pm daily and their phone is  (425) 979-3301.

OK, one more fruit photo. Then you can tell us all about what you've discovered at Whole Foods.



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