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I can't think of a more annoying interruption to my late morning workout than a blaring cell phone alert from President Trump.  Just when I was trying to let off some steam...perfect timing dude. Great to know you know how to find me. And also that there's not a real emergency?  There was also some mayhem on the roads of Kirkland this morning, though. At the 116th/98th, the  traffic light (in every direction) was blinking and so  we all acted like grown-ups and had to treat it like a 4-way stop.  Then as I head up Market St to the light at Forbes Creek Rd at a whopping 4 mph in standstill traffic, it appears that light is only letting 2-3 cars through per green light. Software issues? Also problems at lights in Houghton some friend mentioned. Anyone else experience this?  Maybe Trump was checking if he could jam our grids too.

Then the afternoon came around with the news that The Slip is closing. Twenty two years and done. So no more Earth burgers for you.  Heavy day, right? They will be open Thursday through Sunday until Oct 21st so you have a little time to say goodbye.  And also hello to Orange Theory opening soon on Park Lane (you read that right, another gym in the -033 now?!)



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Lynn Ausen

Did you really have to insert your personal comments on the President into your blog? We moved from Kirkland a little over a year ago and I enjoyed hearing about what is going on in Kirkland, until now. The text yesterday was a test only. It’s something the federal government does all the time on radio and TV, and will be used on our cell phones in the future for an emergency. So please refrain from political commentary. I get enough of that on other social media. As I said I do enjoy your other posts and keeping up with what’s going on in Kirkland, the city where my husband was born and raised and where we raised our son.


I'm sorry to hear about The Slip. The good news is that the site is too small for a consignment shop, a nail shop or another fitness business. As for the text alert, I didn't know such a thing existed and was actually glad to see it worked as I had seen alerts of it on the news the day prior. How else are they supposed to test the system? They do a National Broadcasting System alert late at night on TV regularly, perhaps this one should be tested every 4 years with each change or extension of administrations so as not to offend anyone? Or, not identify the source by a name other than "White House"?

Ted Loi


I can't imagine living a life where a tiny reference to the President upsets you so much. Personal comments on a personal blog seem appropriate to me.


Duncan Milloy

Response from City of Kirkland Public Works Dept:

It was a technical issue with our signal system and we were able to correct it fairly quickly. We are researching the details so we can understand the situation and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Cathi Coy

I love love love getting your blog notes, and look forward to hearing the latest Kirkland news! That was until today's post so blatantly disrespected our country and all it does to keep us safe. The text alert system was proposed way back during the Bush era, then updated during the Obama era, and thank goodness it has finally been solidified. Do you complain when you get an Amber Alert? I bet you won't complain when everyone with a cell phone gets alerted to a true national emergency. So glad they were able to test it and work out the kinks now. Please keep up your great posts on our wonderful community!

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