Kirkland Polar Plunge 2019
Unique Chic Boutique: Sneak Peek

Hello 2019- what's in store?

IMG_1181 This is the Rabuchin 'Polar' Plunge 2019 (w/guide ChiChi in the back who kept us alive)

Did you guys do the Polar Plunge? Man that looked cold.  We did ours in Costa Rica this year, which was uncharacteristically and amazingly easy, but I promise I was thinking about you all. Turning the page on a new year always brings up the topic of resolutions.  My kids never seem to have any they want to commit to, so I told them to pick a few small attainable things so they'll easily be able to feel good about themselves.  That's my strategy this year.  Perhaps just some little personal challenges.  Like doing less talking with my hands.  I hate when I do that, but often I will be enthusiastically explaining something and realize that the annoying hands waving around in the air uselessly trying to assist are my own. Taking more deep breaths is another one- it feels so good! Especially when the air is crisp outside.  It feels like a treat to inhale until my lungs can't hold anymore and then slowly let it out.  Perfect blend of relaxing and invigorating and less calories than a cocktail.  I've noticed that my kids are nilly willies when it comes to doing anything outside of their comfort zone, such as talking to someone at school they don't know, standing up for themselves  or asking for help.  So I've decided I'm going to do a better job of practicing what I preach and consciously try to do more things outside of my comfort zone.  This may include resisting the urge to be clean and organized 24/7.  And along with the everyday stuff, I've got to throw one out there that I never got around to last year, which is giving the ole Kirkland Blog a facelift.  It's time. This is the year. And even though it should look more clean and organized and I just said I'm trying to avoid that, it is definitely out of my comfort zone.  So hold tight with me while I figure out how to get 12 years of content moved to a new platform and polish up this old lady beast.  If you or someone you know wants to help me embark on this escapade- awesome- send me an email to  Or if you have ideas for features, layout, and content you'd like to see here in the future, comment away!  I'll add them to my already lengthy dream list. Oh, and don't worry, this will definitely happen in phases.  Last time I changed one little thingy on the top banner of the page I got a bunch of emails from you guys freaking out wondering what happened. If we hold hands, we can do this together.  2019. 

Other random info chunkers to know:

2008FourthofJuly 004 a fave photo of Penny I took back in 2018 (4th of July of course) , she's been a Kirkland do-er FOREVER. 

  • Congrats to Penny Sweet, our new Mayor!
  • BookTree's next few months are critical to their survival, if you love our local bookstore, it's good time to go support them.
  • Best Kept Secret is MOVING on 1/19 (out of Kirkland, waahhh!) - hustle on in for their moving clearance sales
  • Katy, the owner of Vovina bought The Slip, will give you that scoop in an upcoming post 



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