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'The Slip' Slated to Re-Emerge in March

VovinaKatyBallard2019 Katy Ballard, ready to re-invigorate The Slip

I sat down with Katy Ballard, owner of Vovina, to learn a little more about her future plans for The Slip at 80 Kirkland Ave.  After 22 years in operation, it has become a mainstay for Earthburgers and fries, and its location anchors the end of Kirkland Ave just as you enter Marina Park and the public docks.  Previous owners of The Slip were feeling done..just ready shut their doors and rest.  Sometimes I feel like this after a weekend with my houseful of teenagers.  Anyway...the timing seemed perfect for Katy, who already understands Kirkland and its customers, to make a move on opening the burger place she had been envisioning. The timing was serendipitous, so she signed the lease on the little 600 square foot building and bought the trademark to keep the name.  

Slip palettenew clean palate     IMG_3049

So, what's going to happen? I thought you'd never ask. Katy is preparing to renovate and elevate the entire experience, while still keeping the casual vibe.  The bar will be moving to the back wall, while they create an inclusive and inviting atmosphere that will incorporate colors of the sand/sea along with shiplap on the ceiling- a nod to its lakefront location.  There will still be seating for 20 guests.  Burgers will be the focus and she will also expanding the salads and carb-free options.  Expect some classics like wings, fish/chips, along with other unique sides such as crisped root vegetables and ale-battered pickle chips. Everything will be made in-house.  As a matter of fact, Sara Thoma, the Executive Chef from Vovina will run the Slip's kitchen also.  Classic cocktails (one of Katy's expertise!), WA wines and local beers along with a full menu will all be fresh to give The Slip its new feeling and identity while still keeping price points similar to the old Slip we knew and loved.  The target is a March opening just in time for spring! (or I guess that's still late winter here? LOL). Katy wants this to be a great community gathering space which isn't hard to envision with that patio in the summertime. 

Once it's ready for me to start scarfing some burgers and cocktails, I'll do another update.  But I figured this would be enough to keep you salivating for now.


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Hi Katy, Please include sweetpotato fries on menu for the kiddos.

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