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IMG_3582 <--take THAT big bad snowstorm!

Unless you are living in your basement and haven't left the house in 48 hours, you should know there is a bit of a frenzy encompassing Kirkland and our surrounding areas.  The threat of a Snow-mageddon is upon us. This phenomenon is evidenced by extreme traffic jams, grocery store gridlock and generally frantic grouchy people everywhere. It's all my mom can talk about....slippery roads...do I have a generator...canned foods?...argh!  This storm had better be FO'REAL because there is some serious personal energy just going into the pre-management phase.

Costcoline <--that teeny little spot is the check-out guy's head at the front of the Costco line.

Here's are some snippets of my day for you:

  • Field calls from mom. Peppered with 1,000 questions on weather/preparedness.
  • Steve locates the driveway salt in our garage. It's a good start.
  • I glare at the recycling bin in our garage that has started overflowing onto the floor. I can smell last week's trash.  Please oh please let Waste Mgmt be able to get their trucks out next week.
  • My workout partner, who has some sort of degree in weather/meteorology, raves about the accuracy of this amazing local weather blog.  Thanks for the blog, Cliff from UW, now I can check back neurotically for your daily snow status. He has us at a 1pm start tomorrow. And, unlike Monday, it will be hitting already cooled ground, allowing it to stick right away. Fab.
  • MIchelle Obama's Fri appearance at the Tacoma Dome got rescheduled for 3/24.  Relief.  No snowstorm was keeping me from her. She had to stop us.
  • My doctor's appt for Monday called to reschedule.  MONDAY (it's Thursday?!) 
  • Sent an email to all of my neighbors (hello Map Your Neighborhood Program, you've done this right?) so we have each other's current contact info handy. Reminded them of this webpage , and no less important, who has the most stocked wine cellars.  We need to check in on our elderly, find our shovels, charge our chargers, locate batteries/flashlights/warm blankets/clothes, and have non-perishable snacks and water on the ready.
  • Costco was a complete zoo. I bought a snow brush for my car just because everyone else was and it felt like a good kind of peer pressure. Every checkout line was backed up to the book section of the store, about 12 carts deep.  I had lots of new friends by the time I got to the register. And I was proud of all your selections, Kirkland shoppers!  I noticed fresh fish, Pellegrino, batteries and some wines bins were starting to run low ('The Pessimist' is decent at $16/bottle btw).  Aren't we fancy emergency planners!?
  • Mom calls. Worried about me driving to OR Sat for daughter's gymnastics meet.  And why don't we have a generator again? 
  • My kids were thrilled to text me and let me know that school is letting out 2 hours early on Friday. 
  • Stopped in O'Reilly Auto Parts and bought the last 2 jugs of windshield washer fluid (the kind that doesn't freeze)- feeling pretty prepared now.
  • Daughter's King Co Gymnastics meet gets canceled for Sat. She's sad.  I'm more sad that the OR one is still on.
  • Remembered to put my new snow brush/scraper and emergency backpack kit in my trunk right next to my hotties and space blankets. BAM!! That felt good.
  • "Hi Mom.  Yes, I heard Michelle Obama got rescheduled."  Then she reviews 14 more scenarios and steps she's taken that she learned in her CERT training. 
  • I promised the Kirkland Wine Walk folks that I would let you know they have decided to RESCHEDULE this Friday's Wine Walk event until April 26th with a 'Celebrating Spring' theme (doesn't that sound lovely about now?). There may or may not have been a little banter about how growing up in NJ, and he in Michigan, this type of snow hype was quite entertaining.
  • Met a friend at Vovina for Happy Hour (those tator tots were off the hook) that is supposed to get on a plane at 3pm tomorrow, freely spooning out empathy in anticipation of her crappy day at Sea-Tac.
  • It took my husband 2 hours to get home from Downtown Bellevue. So nice of him to help w/kids carpools anyway!
  • No call from panicked mom in a few hrs, is she ok?  Too risky to check in.  I'll write a blog post and call her tmrw.
  • I have begun to embrace the inevitable. This storm, and then the next one that is its encore on Mon/Tues, is coming whether I like it or not. The only way to manage being Type A and confined to your house for who-knows-how-many days is to make a list.  My list starts with a few snow frolics, books, movies, maybe some baking or painting nails w/kids.....but then we downshift into full-on closet cleaning, file organizing, tax document digging, document writing, researching, and maybe even a little baseboard cleaning (hi kids!).

I want you all to stay warm and safe out there.  This doesn't happen often so get yourself ready, hunker down, and make your list. ~j


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