What's Going on out There?
Exciting Updates to our Cross Kirkland Corridor

Dear School, Please Open Soon. Please. Please?

IMG_3614 <--someone erased Seattle?

Are we having fun yet??! I think we need to set up some neighborhood home-school services so my teenagers will stop loafing around and messing up my kitchen.  I went to BB Nails (thank you for being open) today and got my toes painted hot pink so they could remind me of springtime.  They are my secret happiness in my snowboots.   Then I went for a walk with some girlfriends and we stared at this eery site of Lake WA (photo)where we couldn't even see Seattle because of the snow and clouds. 

IMG_3617 IMG_3616 <-- photos taken through glass, everything was closed for snow

We also chatted about OrangeTheory that has opened on Park Lane and happened to notice that there's a new Club Pilates right next door.  I expect every one of you Kirklanders to be rockin' a six pack by summertime with the gym choices we have around this city.  Another hot topic of conversation was Papi's Cantina, since I just spoke with Denny Pentin, who will be running it.  It's all coming together quickly.  Danny used to be the GM of Matador in Redmond and is also currently involved in Art Marble 21 in South Lake Union and The Parlor in Bellevue.  They are planning to open Papi's on March 1st and bring a fun, amazing atmosphere with an all scratch kitchen, regional offerings and great cocktails everyday from 11am-2am.  They want to be THE spot where everyone goes. At 5pm everyday there will be a singsong announcement over a speaker letting us know that it is "Margarita Time" and you can get yourself a $5 margarita. So, who is this Papi guy, you ask? It is the nickname for Don Pedro Sanches de Tagle, the 'Father of Tequila.

More to come on these fun new spots once the snow (now slush..) clears...


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