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Orange Theory Splats Down in Kirkland

OTF (1) OTF (5) <--the 'splat' logo represents the image of fat cells when they burn

On February 28th, Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) officially turned on their signature orange glow at 217 Park Lane (corner spot across across from library parking deck). Lucky for me, I can almost stay in shape just by visiting all of the new gyms opening in Kirkland.  So I grabbed my usual ass-kickin' workout crew and ventured on an OTF field trip so we could give you our collective thoughts.  Thanks to Megan, Christin, Brett and AJ for being up for the task.

OTF (4)  <--don't let this freak you out   

OTF (4) <--these rowers are super smooth. like butta  OTF2 <--CLOWNSHOW alert.  FYI, if you laugh a lot you forget how tough it is


Orange Theory definitely has a super clean/new feel.  You can park on the street or library deck. Inside there are showers and lockers, and about 10 classes per day. Once checked in, we were given heart monitors to strap around our chest, whose results will appear on a screen in front of the class (photo). It tells you your heart rate, calories burned, avg heart rate % and splat points accumulated (afterburn).  Don't stress this part, with 20 or so people in class, nobody is paying attention to your performance on the screen, my old eyes were struggling just to find my own during the entire hour class.  There is one large studio space that illuminates a warm orange and has a long row of treadmills, rowers and weight stations which are each numbered and assigned to a person. Our instructor, Sarah,  did a lot of explaining and demonstrating since each station has a set of directions you need to follow- such as 4 different exercises (with a screen to remind you of them)or adding incline to your treadmill on particular increments.   You spend enough time at each station to be able to push yourself without getting bored. Christin said it was a great workout that pushed her out of her comfort zone.  Megan really liked having specific goals on the treadmill,  but wished she had more time to warm up/stretch in the beginning and end. The music felt like it was trying pretty hard to please a broad audience but nevertheless did its job of keeping the energy level elevated.  AJ said, "I felt very motivated to keep pushing harder.  I always wanted to be in the red."  That guy burned over 900 calories (mine was 500ish for comparison).

The other cool thing, OTF sends you an email summary of your performance right after your workout, which also tracks your cumulative performance if you're a regular.  Things like how many minutes you spent in each zone, calories burned, average heart rate, etc.  It feels like a little present to remind you of your accomplishment. And visual proof of your progress. Speaking of which, between mid-May and July they will be running a 'transformation challenge' where the member that loses the greatest % of body weight will win $500!  Memberships are monthly (no contract) and you can use any of their 1200 international locations by booking online, in the app or in person.  Rates vary from $69-169/mo depending on how often you'd like to go.

Overall, I think this is a great motivating format for a lot of people and I've heard from a few friends that they are loving it so far.  Feel free to comment if you've given it a try and want to share your experience!



New in K-town

Just a couple of updates for you to chew on...

Have you been to the new 203°F Coffee House in The Village at Totem Lake? It's open and on my hit-list of future stops-and is located on the corner that faces where the OLD Trader Joe's was. Send me your comments if you've been so I can include them in an upcoming post. Without having any idea who Hugo is,  I'm already eyeing his Spicy Chai.

Speaking of The Village at Totem Lake, Anthony Vince' Nail Spa will be opening in late March.  The pics look fancy schmancy. And here is why it's going to be my kind of place- it also has a wine bar! Mommy dreams do come true. Everywhere! They have a presence in 23 states. How have I not heard of them before? They should be opening towards the end of the month.  I am more than happy to go try this place out and report back.

And....Kirkland Urban is excited to announce it will be home to a Shake Shack.  Steve tells me the Seattle location always has a line out the door, and our son is jumping up and down with joy over this news.  

Figured there's a little something for everyone in this post :-)


No More Frosty for You

Isn't that what they're called? The icy milkshake that people used to line up for at the Wendy's drive through to accompany their square burger?  A teen favorite for sure, their location on the corner of Central and 3rd St is closed and fenced to make room for a (nother) new mixed use building.  There will be 70 new apartments above with a Bartell Drugs, where you can buy some TUMS for all those square burgers you ate,  below in the 16,400 sf of commercial space.  And of course, 185 parking spaces. 

On another note, I have asked the weatherman to keep snow out of our forecast.  When I looked out the window to falling flakes this morning I started having Snowmageddon PTSD symptoms- difficulty getting out of bed followed by frantically pushing my kids out the door to school and bolting the door behind them.