No More Frosty for You
Orange Theory Splats Down in Kirkland

New in K-town

Just a couple of updates for you to chew on...

Have you been to the new 203°F Coffee House in The Village at Totem Lake? It's open and on my hit-list of future stops-and is located on the corner that faces where the OLD Trader Joe's was. Send me your comments if you've been so I can include them in an upcoming post. Without having any idea who Hugo is,  I'm already eyeing his Spicy Chai.

Speaking of The Village at Totem Lake, Anthony Vince' Nail Spa will be opening in late March.  The pics look fancy schmancy. And here is why it's going to be my kind of place- it also has a wine bar! Mommy dreams do come true. Everywhere! They have a presence in 23 states. How have I not heard of them before? They should be opening towards the end of the month.  I am more than happy to go try this place out and report back.

And....Kirkland Urban is excited to announce it will be home to a Shake Shack.  Steve tells me the Seattle location always has a line out the door, and our son is jumping up and down with joy over this news.  

Figured there's a little something for everyone in this post :-)



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Caroline Bombar-Kaplan

Totem Lake is finally becoming destination shopping/stopping!


It does seem Kirkland Urban is doing a better job filling their retail spaces. The Village at Totem Lake has been slow to announce new stores/restaurants.

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