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I Stuffed my Face at The Slip

TheSlip2019 (10) <--you can almost taste it!

There's just no other way to say it.  I was SO hungry.  It's seems like typically a hairy-chested man fresh off a hard day's work on a fishing boat probably orders the Cuban Burger at the new Slip, but on this day, I did. House pulled pork, burger patty, bourbon barbeque sauce, swiss cheese, candied jalapeno and pickle. Sooo not me, yet I don't even have a photo of it because I ate the entire thing before I remembered to pull my camera out. Obviously feeling spicy on this night, I ordered a hot chili margarita and lucky us- there was no ice in it.  Although I miss the froth of a nice cold-shaken drink over ice, this limey iceless delight packed a punch.  Thank goodness for 16 year old daughters with permits to drive. 

TheSlip2019 (15) <-goofers TheSlip2019 (15)

The Slip has its same old cozy charm, yet it's finally....clean?? This was my kids' thoughtful assessment.  And yes, the bathroom is new too (weirdly many people have asked me this). Years of love and hearty food had worn down the walls, floors and furniture which give a nod to its heritage with a fresh flair looking forward.  There's a cute new little bar in the back that will fit maybe 4-5 people.  Our family of 5 divided in the dining area into a 2 top and 3 top.  You can probably only fit 20 people in the entire place but they have done a great job of utilizing every inch of the space, which will expand once the weather warms up and the patio opens. 

Here's a lookie-loo at the menu:

TheSlip2019 (13)

The Slip (80 Kirkland Ave) is open Weds-Sun for dinner and Sat/Sun for lunch this spring. In May it will start to run 7 days a week.  Cocktails are 9.95-12.95.  Burgers are $9.95+ and come with chips.  The sweet potato fries were phenom (for an upcharge). Salads are also on the menu for those that can't inhale a burger like I can.  The tab for our family of 5 was a little over $80, slightly higher than our usual casual family outing but not by much.  Online ordering and a takeout window will be coming soon! 



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Really love your blog!! Thanks for posting all about Kirkland!


Thank you Susan! I think we're going to get along just fine you/me. xo

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