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See and Be Seen at Como in Carillon Point

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Como arrived on the scene at Carillon Point just a few weeks ago in the location previously occupied by Bin on the Lake.  Our new local Italian gem boasts the same owners as Cantinetta and they have done quite the make-over on this space.  White contrasts woods and simple lines with arched passageways give it a Euro light airy feel that connects the inside to the patio and the lake just beyond it. 

This spot definitely has the lovely factor going on.  I'm going to call in Nautical Chic.  Don't go rolling in with your bathing suit/cover up/flip flops and cranky kids- this is not the place.  Ladies complimented the beautiful Como landscape on the white wicker patio chairs with their dresses/linen, espadrilles and over-sized shades.  The Euro vibe even struck the gents who all seemed to have on much nicer shoes than I see worn anywhere else in Kirkland.   George Clooney could come breezing through the door at any moment.   Perhaps he will arrive on the fabulous wood Como boat that shuttles between Seattle and Carillon to get your to your dinner reservation.

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Steve and I sat in the bar/lounge area next to the patio.  Perfect breeze and comfortable chairs- I could have sat there all night, especially with my crisp chilled bottle of Mark Ryan Viognier ($58). We split a few things to taste- the Bufala Mozzarella ($14, photo), which surprised me with diced instead of traditional sliced tomatoes,  the gem lettuce salad ($13, photo) was simple but delish with dates and pancetta mixed in which added a little something fun to the mix.  We split the salmon entree ($32) that was so good I forgot to take a photo before we devoured it. Prices are Kirkland upscale, and the menu itemizes out thoughtful offerings from Chef Gabriel Chavez in the typical Italian categories of antipasti, pizze, primi and secondi.  The service was great, it just felt relaxed and approachable and lovely, lovely, lovely.

You can make reservations or just drop in.  Parking is validated or there is valet available at Carillon. Hours are 4-close every day of the week and lunch is getting ready to start 6/28 Fri/Sat/Sun at 11am.  Call 425-484-0787 or email hello@comousa.com  w/questions.

UPDATE: Was just at Como again tonight for happy hour with a few girlfriends.  The people watching was fantastic. Our waiter, Tyler, was great. The inside bar area was super loud, but luckily my friends like to yell and laugh loudly anyway.  The focaccia de Como is ridiculously good-tastes like a delicious cake. And the burrata w/cantoloupe was a nice summery twist. Friends raved about the Tajarin pasta and Risotto (with the pickled blueberry) from their previous visits. That's all I've got. Over and out. Ciao!