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Summertime Sunnytime, please!

It feels like the awesome weather is a little slow to start this summer.  The sun took a little vacation.  Those of us with school-aged kids start pulling our hair out.  When it's nice out the list of  fun opportunities are endless. But this gray stuff has got to stop.  I just made up some new rules for the mopey 'bored' teenagers at our house to prevent a Snapchat  Zombie Apocalypse. And yes, I make this stuff up as I go along (Parenting 101)

I'd love to know what you all are doing to help keep your kids motivated during these days.

Here's our latest:

  • If you wake up before 9:30 am- congrats 'early bird'! You can read a book for 30 mins before having access to your phone.
  • If you wake up after 9:30 am, no problem! You can read a book for 60 mins before having access to your phone.

I know, I know..sleeping is important for their developing brains, so I felt like 9:30 was pretty generous because I also still need their brains to WORK when they are awake, hence the reading.  Somehow in the last few years reading books for pleasure seems to have turned into something my kids equate to being tortured.   This new rule has been in effect for a few days and I've noticed they set their alarms for 9:25, baby steps, but at least they are vertical by 9:30.  They also get to work on their negotiation skills- can I bank time? What if I read the night before instead? Does reading the news count? Do you have to do this too? 

Teach me your tricks.

Oh, and if you have teens with phones always in their hands, here's a great resource- I love her Tech Talk Tuesday subscription.



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