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Behind the Scenes at The Village at Totem Lake

TotemVillage2019 (13) TotemVillage2019 (10) <-me & Anne  (Kirkland Living Mag) rolling rugged chic

Who doesn’t love a hard hat tour?! It sure feels official, which is why I jumped at the chance to take one and hear what’s coming in the next phase of The Village at Totem Lake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

There are two apartment communities, "Aura Totem Lake" from Trinsic Residential Group and Fairfield Residential "North" and "Aspect" that will be operating as one and bringing Kirkland 850 new 931+ sf homes.  Apartment pricing and leasing details will be available in Nov and completion is targeted for Q4 2019 thru Q4 2020.  There are multiple courtyards and shared spaces for working and recreating, a golf simulator, pool, bike and kayak storage and doggie facilities.  The apartments we walked through are nicely appointed with crisp modern white/gray/navy color palettes, stainless steel appliances and washer/dryer. I was standing with our mayor, Penny Sweet, who shared, “that was even better than I was expecting!” about our apartment tour.  When I was wondering about nearby green space, she also reminded me that Totem Lake Park that is nearby and getting ready to undergo a transformation.

TotemVillage2019 (18)  <-City Mgr, Kurt Triplett 
TotemVillage2019 (5)<- Where's Waldo?

The Cinemark theater, scheduled for completion in Q2 2020, will have 8 auditoriums and 900 reserved seats with electric-powered over-sized luxury  loungers. No more driving to Bellevue or Woodinville for a movie- score!  The theater will be flanked with restaurants and a perhaps a beer hall and ‘plenty of wine’ they tell us (now you're talking). On Oct 25th an Australian branded store called Anko,  located betweeen Nordstrom Rack and Trader Joe's, will open its doors to the public.  They started out with pop-up stores in the US that people went bonkers for, and so they started opening stores in the Seattle area.  Their goods include home decor, kitchen and bath essentials, dining, clothing, pet and more all in a boutique style.   The Village store will be their 5th, where they plan to offer us “warm colorful inviting great-styled products at amazing prices, “ said Morgan from Anko.  They strive to foster creativity and inspiration and partner on a local level, also offering different DIY classes to the community. I'm really curious to check this one out! I have some friends that tell me Anko is awesome.

Anko (3)      Anko (3) <--major transformation happening in Anko's 7000 sf by 10/25


Joe’s Burgers is also opening later this month.  You know your burgers  by now, Kirkland, but also expect to find shakes, hot dogs and alternative beef options here.  Galo’s Flame Grilled Chicken will be cooking up some grilled chicken with  Portugese piri-piri sauce and spice, along with salads, wraps, burgers and bowls.  Both Galo's and  Sephora , that has 25,000 beauty products from 400 carefully curate brands, are slated for  Q2 2020. And in case you (and your skateboarder/teenager) missed it, Zumiez has already opened right next to Anthony Vince Nail Spa, where nails and champagne go hand in hand. You can look forward to 211 retail parking spaces in the new parking deck.....that’s always good news. 

It’s amazing to think of the transformation that has occurred in what used to be a tired crusty shopping center of yesteryear.  I love the renewed vibrancy that The Village at Totem Lake has brought to this northeast corner of Kirkland.  What else would you love to see at The Village?  I thought maybe a Warby Parker.  Soul Cycle. True Foods Kitchen. Bubble Tea.   More restaurants-- but not big chains. Sports store? Furniture store? Share your wish list in the comments! There are still a few retail spaces to fill.




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Louise Pathe

Great write-up. I would love a really useful local hardware store! I like the one at lake Forest Park but that's a drive.

Ted Loi

Great update. I am super excited for the new stores, restaurants, and movie theater. A mix of family friendly and more upscale restaurants would be nice. I would also appreciate a bookstore.


Thanks for these updates. I really like Joe's Burgers, and suggested they move in after going to the location at Bridgeport Village in Oregon (They are the same property team as The Village). Anko is such a fun shop and affordable, too. Looking forward to so many of the new things, The Cinemark, and Galo's, that you mentioned. Finally something close to home! So many times I head to Woodinville to do anything.


Love the new mall (minus the current parking situation). How about a bagel place, a bookstore, and at least one upscale non-chain restaurant.


More great resteraunts! Family friendly and adult only. An amazing sushi place would be nice.


It would be awesome to have a TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Homegoods. A local wine bar with small plates would be great before or after a movie. How bout fried chicken and pho restaurant. Salt and Straw would be amazing here.

Liz Hunt

Would love a True Foods Kitchen! A sports store would be great, too. I'm still suffering from Sports Authority withdrawal. How about a combo game store/gathering spot with puzzles, board games, a deli, game nights, etc.?


Anko is K-mart Australia re-branded, (but it's much smaller here) it's so weird how it's taken off.


We need a reason for people to linger there not just go there for errands and be gone.

A gelato place. Bookstores to browse in. Restaurants and dining.

rohini knudson

Hey Janis,
My son (Leto ~7) and i visited the village today. He's really interested in air conditioners. So, we explored the parking garage and examined the air conditioners as best we could. We were most intrigued by a belt drive fan in the ceiling of the parking garage at the street level. I wonder, since you seem to have known the construction crew and such, would you happen to know what type/make of fan that might be. Is there some way for us to get a closer look at it, perhaps?

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