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All of the glitter, eggnog and fireball is finally put away.  Usually I start off the new year by rambling off some New Year's resolutions that I think might stick but this time, I'm not going to bother you with that.  Screw it.  I'm not striving to change everything. I'm accepting things.  Instead of vowing to workout more and eat less, I'm just realizing it's not the end of the universe if I just size up in my pants.  They look fine, and at least fit better so I can breathe easy.  Instead of resolutions, this year I am going to share a little Christmas miracle that happened in our house this holiday. Then a few Kirkland updates, of course.

Our son is 14 and our daughters are 16 now.  Those parents of little kids that still stay up late doing 'elf on the shelf' and assembling gifts- I want you to know, there is a turning point when you no longer feel like you have to do it all.  And this year was ours. The one where lightening struck and our children finally had more moments of maturity, forethought, appreciation, gratitude and unprompted kindness.    Just a few examples..first, the girls drove themselves to Nordstrom Rack and bought us well-thought out gifts with their hard-earned babysitting money.    Then on Christmas Eve, after a great meal and conversation at home, all three voluntarily popped out of their seats and cleared every item off of the table, loaded the dishwasher and hand-washed every pot, pan and serving bowl. They were laughing and chatting together the whole time.   I had to pinch myself. Was it our often questionable parenting style to credit for this?  Were we being Punk'd? Or perhaps the wine and holiday music were feeding a hallucination? Their hugs and thank you's that evening suddenly seemed to have depth, as if they could see every stocking we stuffed and ribbon we curled over the last decade.  I wish I could have bottled that feeling.   With 2020 underway, everything is back to normal with the sarcasm and procrastinating in full swing, but hopefully that magical spell is cast again next season.  

Kirkland things you might be curious about:

Which gyms have smokin' deals to help you achieve your fitness New Year's Resolutions? Summary post soon, get your gym pants ON (or just size up like me). 

Park Lane Public House is closed and will become "Feast," a french brasserie with lots of wines by the glass and a PNW flair on French food.

Top Golf Lounge is opening at Kirkland Urban on 1/24. I'm previewing this week, stay tuned!

Bailey's Shoe Repair in Rose Hill (previously in Kirkland Park Place) has closed. 


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Debbie & Henry Bischofberger

Well said. We see so many parents in our Violin Shop shop struggling with the “transition” kids, learning to drive, being independent, etc.

Hope they read your story. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

We tell our customers we are semi-retired from parenting - our kids are 31y and 36y and have their own kids.

I so enjoy your writings, and always enjoy hearing about kids and families!


Debbie and Henry Bischofberger
Henry Bischofberger Violins, LLC


I enjoy your posts, there is always something new of interest. I became a customer of Bailey's Shoe Repair when he started at Park Place. I am not surprised they closed given the attitude of the owner. I think Nordstroms kept him in business and had probably moved on (just a guess). I swore I would never return on so many occasions but didn't know of an alternative. He had a belt of mine for close to 6 months and couldn't have cared less every time I went in to see if it was ready. The good news is that there is a shoe repair shop at Bridle Trails Shopping Center though I haven't tried it yet.


What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing! The teenage years can be challenging but it's heartwarming when you start seeing the fruits of your years of dedicated parenting.

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