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Love Always


I've been keeping a sharp eye out for the murder hornets, because well wouldn't that just figure that they would be able to find me while on our stay-at-home order.  They'd buzz their giant asses right on into my house during those few moments my door is open after bringing in the mail. I don't have time to ponder such thoughts because I'm mostly trying to keep my household from resembling a fraternity house on a Sunday morning and failing miserable.  This last Sunday was pretty great though-how was your Mother's Day? My family gave me a Roomba, which we named Pete, and he's been trying to help us out with aforementioned frat house floor.  My daughter handed me this little doodle (sweetest 17 yo ever?) that, at first glance, says "Love Always."  I tole her  a "Thanks honey" and gave some big hugs and then when my eyes went back to the doodle, suddenly it appears to say "home Always." What the what?!  Is my mind playing tricks on me? Can you see it??! Because that is also VERY VERY true.  What is this trickery she has bestowed upon me?

BumblebeeThis is not a murder hornet. But I have time capture photos of bees on my walks now.

When I do venture out of the house, I put my mask on over my new little chipmunk cheeks and marvel at how sometimes social distancing has extended its hand to make us socially inept.  I've seen a few people snap at the grocery that don't yet realize the aisles are one-way. I'm wondering if we've turned into 'serious' zombies, ones that not only stay 6 feet apart but don't say hello or wave or hardly acknowledge those around us anymore.  This reminds me of when I was asking my daughter recently about her remote schooling.  And she said, "School is basically the same except they sucked all the fun out of it."  Have we had the fun sucked out of us? Say it isn't so.  I know I still have some fun left in me.

Instead of complaining I've decided to do something about it.  I purchased some coffee gift cards and now hand them to service people that deserve thanking or sometimes just unsuspecting grouchy people.  Their reaction is worth every penny- the softening of the eyes, the change in body language as they relax their shoulders and tip their heads in appreciation of a kind gesture.  I challenge you to do this too- it could be picking a flower or tipping extra or whatever your spin might be.  My UPS guy seemed to like the sampler box of whiskey mini-bottles I left for him.  Just saying. The checker at the grocery store was delightfully confused when I gave her a gift card. You do you.  It doesn't have to cost a thing. Spread a little kindness.  We all need it right now.

Oh, and speaking of which- please follow/like the Kirkland Blog's Facebook page.  There's a (hopefully entertaining) little photo contest up there now where you can win $100 gift card to Bibi Kitchen for their delicious take out. 



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YES! Great reminders to be compassionate and understanding. There is lots of stress out there and we're all feeling it. Let's be kind to each other, people. So glad you had some special moments on Mother's Day, Janis. :-)

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