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Comings and Goings. Hello to J. McLaughlin on Park Lane!

IMG_9832 <- supercute masks at Purpose
I prefer comings to goings but these are strange times, indeed. A little masked stroll around town in my newfound favorite mask, from Z Supply at Purpose Boutique (photo) for $12.99, was a good little fact-finding mission.  IVY- family emergency and closed until further notice as of 7/9. Birdcage has left the building. And  Rocketfizz has closed and will be turning into....drum roll please....a bank (deflated exhale). Santorini is working to reopen soon despite a recent personal hardship/loss (we love you Stavros!)

IMG_9831   IMG_9831    IMG_9834   IMG_9835

But wait, wait for it.. something new is opening in August you say? YES. Mid-August at 129 Park Lane in the old Essentials spot you will find J.McLaughlin.  They have been around since 1977, provide men's and women's clothes/accessories and brand themselves as "classic clothes with current relevance and a retail environment with a neighborhood feel." So there's something to look forward to! Athleta in Totem Lake is getting really close too!  Let's keep working on our mask wearing/social distancing so we will be able to comfortably and safely visit these new places, Kirkland. :-)