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Stay-at-Home Time Sparks Creativity: Seattle Supreme Clothing

Nathan  Nathanshirts

It's quite evident that these last few months have sent a screaming curveball into our lives, but local high school student Nathan Chen was not deterred.  Nathan decided to use his extra time to explore his creativity and start a company, Seattle Supreme Clothing, also known as "Seasup."   These Covid days....some sleep in, others get motivated! We may need to step up our game to keep up with this kid.

Nathan moved to Kirkland from Taiwan four years ago and he found himself thinking about the cultural differences he had experienced, and how he could incorporate language and design to help widen people's view of the world.  "During quarantine I needed a way to express my feelings," he says, "and I wanted to make a collection with meaning.  So I ran the idea by some friends, and they liked it."  Nathan's debut collection of trendy tees is called "Mandarin" and each shirt has an explanation of the language and design's deeper meaning if you click on it.  He emphasizes cultural diversity,  social awareness, and even international  landmarks and melds it with a splash of local flavor.  All of Nathan's designs are hand sketched and then fine tuned on Adobe Illustrator and then printed on shirts in Nevada.  Each shirt is $19.99 and 15% of profits go towards WA Youth for Masks,  another local teen-driven effort.

When Nathan isn't outsmarting the adults around him, you may find him working out, playing football or shooting some hoops.   He's hopeful to end up at one of his dream colleges, either UW or UC Berkeley studying business in 2021.   His advice to us..."If you have the opportunity, just do it!"  

You can check out Seasup's Insta page here and  don't forget to buy yourself a sharp new tee that will compliment your  face mask when you leave the house again next Tuesday.  

Comings and Goings. Hello to J. McLaughlin on Park Lane!

IMG_9832 <- supercute masks at Purpose
I prefer comings to goings but these are strange times, indeed. A little masked stroll around town in my newfound favorite mask, from Z Supply at Purpose Boutique (photo) for $12.99, was a good little fact-finding mission.  IVY- family emergency and closed until further notice as of 7/9. Birdcage has left the building. And  Rocketfizz has closed and will be turning into....drum roll please....a bank (deflated exhale). Santorini is working to reopen soon despite a recent personal hardship/loss (we love you Stavros!)

IMG_9831   IMG_9831    IMG_9834   IMG_9835

But wait, wait for it.. something new is opening in August you say? YES. Mid-August at 129 Park Lane in the old Essentials spot you will find J.McLaughlin.  They have been around since 1977, provide men's and women's clothes/accessories and brand themselves as "classic clothes with current relevance and a retail environment with a neighborhood feel." So there's something to look forward to! Athleta in Totem Lake is getting really close too!  Let's keep working on our mask wearing/social distancing so we will be able to comfortably and safely visit these new places, Kirkland. :-)