Stay-at-Home Time Sparks Creativity: Seattle Supreme Clothing
Restore. Yes, please.

Pushing Forward. Donuts. Bubbles...Onward.

I've had a shoulder injury that is taking some time to heal. This getting old thing is hard to get my head around.  It doesn't  matter how hard I work at physical therapy  (thx LWPT for the in-home sessions!), it just needs TIME.  Something that seems more plentiful these days, but when we are already limited in what we can do and where we can go, this is super frustrating. A number of  things that make me happy- golf and waterskiing for example, are off the table.  So I walk and do modified workouts...meh, been a little desperate for some new fun ideas.   I've been eating frozen grapes which are an amazing summertime treat, so there's a bright side.  And I watch TikTok, sometimes with my kids, and it makes me cry the best belly-laugh tears I have experienced in a while.  For all things good, universe, please don't take this small hilarious pleasure in life away.  If you have not been on this app, better hurry before it's too late, and scroll past the teenage girls desperate for followers and check out the hilarious dog and prank videos. It's like America's Funniest Home videos without a million replays and commercials, and restores my faith in the humor of mankind.

PikeStPressclosingAug2020 BrixclosingJuly2020BasslinedownsizeAug2020


DivaLaniAug2020  Santorinire-openAug2020

The landscape is definitely changing.  Literally.  Have you seen the weeds in all of the medians? Just kidding, sort of.... anyway, as I walked through downtown Kirkland the other day I found myself wondering which businesses would make it.   Canvas has closed. A few months ago I was amazed at how they always seemed to have full classes in the middle of the day. Pike St Press closed their Kirkland location. Brix just closed - COVID is killing the bar biz and they need that to survive- but good news, they will be opening in Woodinville at Woodin Creek Village post-COVID. Bassline Fitness had to downsize their space.  Diva Lani has re-opened to warm support and added to their more casual quarantine-cozy clothes.  Santorini is working hard to re-open in the upcoming weeks (finally filling the void in my heart).  

There are also always a few stories that simply inspire.  I love when people are able to get scrappy and resourceful.  Hamed, the owner of Shirzad  Fine Jewelry on Central Way, recognized people aren't running out for fancy jewelry at the moment, so he opened a coffee/donut drive through in Factoria with a partner to keep things going.  They donated to local hospitals and now nurses/healthcare workers are a big part of his customer base.    Mini's Coffee & Donuts features coffee from his friend's farm in Costa Rica and donuts that are fried on the spot and made to order. People always need donuts and coffee, right?

CarolynPOPCulture   PopCulture

Go-getter Carolyn Holt is a Kirklander with crazy champagne skills. Yes, you read that correctly. This girl knows her bubbles. She's a familiar local face that has been the wine buyer and wine club coordinator at The Grape Choice, not to mention the Pop Up Bub Club coordinator,  and dreamed of having her own champagne bar.  And despite these times, she has got a plan to make it happen.  Hellooooo Pop!Culture. A non-pretentious, fun, bright atmosphere where families can enjoy bubbles and wine and small plates while creating long-lasting relationships with the locals.  She's hoping to find a space in Kirkland (but Woodinville has potential too) and open in October or November. Check out her sample menu and Kickstarter campaign here if you are champagne fan, there are lots of fun experiences in exchange for your support.  Pro Tips- her favorite champagne reco's would be: Billecart- Salmon NV Brut Reserve and Pol Roger NV Brut.  Show her some love if you want to see pop!culture in Kirkland. Virtual tastings too! 




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Huge kudos to Sue Contreras and Pam Hynes, founders of They and other volunteers are spending unbelievable numbers of hours weeding all over Kirkland! Public Works has apparently not been able to hire seasonal workers this year, and our public right-of-ways are looking pretty neglected.


I forgot to include Karen Lightfeldt, the third founder of Kirkland Weeds!


Hi Janis,
Checking in to let you know CANVAS hasn't closed - we've consolidated our studios since we aren't able to open until Phase 3 or 4 - which looks like it will be awhile.

We've gone to virtual sessions with awesome paint kits which we deliver or are available for pick up at our Seattle workshop.

Also, we opened a new division last year - Hammer and Stain DIY Workshop" which offers a full line of DIY "Make-it-at-Home" kits. www.hammerandstainkirkland will show you our current kits - always changing.

Hope this updated information helps. We really hope you'll update your post. We've been in Kirkland for 10 years now and want everyone to know we're still here.

Thanks so much,

MJ, Laura and David


So many challenges for our local businesses. We try to support them as much as we can!
I was just noticing all the weeds in the Market St medians, too! Some day we need to fix that once and for all, but I guess we have higher priorities right now.
Take care of that shoulder! Injuries are such a bummer.

Caroline Bombar-Kaplan

Yes, the weeds are going to town (pun intended)! But there's now a website to connect anyone itching to be OCD and help clear Kirkland's public spaces of pesky plant species. Another way to get quick info about what traffic circle, parking strip or other plot is being tackled this week is to email -- Sue Contreras who's coordinating the whole effort.

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