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Enough Already

What's next??! At this point I don't even think I'd flinch if I saw a dinosaur walk past my window.  Asteroid? No problem. In case limiting my social interactions and altering life for COVID wasn't enough, now there's a a dangerous smoke cloud encompassing us while flashing an evil fiery 2020 themed smile.  I just spent last week convincing myself that having my kids doing school at the dining room table w/earbuds and blue light glasses while my husband works in the next room all day is okay.  I was even coming to grips with noticing that my pajama pants (!) are getting snug.  I know, at least I have pants, and a dining room table and nice family and good health/safety, so for those things I am thankful.  But I can still get pissed that 2020 has essentially been an epic game of  disaster whack-a-mole.  I've been trying to think of an appropriate way to celebrate New Year's this year because, honestly, it can't come soon enough. 

I've decided I would like to invent a new drink and that is........... tequila-champagne.  That's right, tequila b/c it's uniquely flavored with a hint of anger to really give our usual light and celebratory champagne-worthy holiday a one-upper.  And if we call it 'Quilapagne' it sounds an awful lot like 'kill-the-pain' which is definitely on-point, don't you think?  Make note, both of these are intentionally low-cal beverages so we can begin to fit back into our normal clothes for 2021. I realize tequila distillers are going to start filling up my inbox after this stroke-of-genius post, but don't worry, I promise to include you all in my celebration when I make the Quilapagne big time.  Fingers crossed that when Good Morning America interviews me I won't still have to be in my mask or on Zoom.  I'm also open to your suggestions of how to celebrate the end of 2020. Please indulge me.



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Cindy Randazzo

I will join you in that interesting libation combo as they are my two favorites..... as for 2020, Hmmmm. 2020 was suppose to be the Year of Cindy as I was turning the BIG 60! A year of travel; trips planned every month with Thailand being the highlight.....January trip Florida Gasparilla was a blast, February Deer Valley skiing in Utah Amazing, March my actual Birthday 3/3/60 my CABI Trunk Show Night of drinking and fashion with my gal pals and Skiing in Breckinridge cancelled, and so the Monthly trip dominos fell from there. I did manage to escape the PNW to hide in the woods of Michigan for all but 3 weeks of the summer to enjoy life retro Covid. The Jersey Shore cocooning with extended family in a beach house in Surf City minus Atlantic City, restaurants, and the boardwalk. I’m finally heading back to the PNW in a week or two but if Next Door is an indicator of things to expect, YIKES! I’ve learned on this crazy journey Freedom is something I value more than words can express. Who knew 2020 would teach this old broad something so simple yet so taken for granted.

Stephanie Thomas

AMEN, sister!

Liz H

Amen, sister!!

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