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Deja Moo to you Too


Pre-Covid we would get excited when a new restaurant sign went up, but in 2020 boyyyyy we can hardly contain ourselves when this level of mystery arrives in our fine city.  A new place to pickup food? Count me in! Recognize that font? You bet you do. The old Brix location in Juanita Village will be moving to Woodinville with a forecasted April 2021 opening, while the old spot (same owners) will become Deja Moo,  a counter-service version of Tipsy Cow (also same owners).  Expect to experience the same great burgers, wine, shakes and flavors of Tipsy Cow, with a new name.  They are shooting for a Feb 1, 2021 opening. Moooooooo-re details when I have them. ~j


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This is great news, I was afraid it was going to be an ice cream parlor. The menu is amazing. Thanks for all the good info, Janis ! (PS I live across the street, thus the enthusiasm )

Liz H

Exciting! Thanks for getting the scoop. :-) I saw the sign and was wondering.


Monique, I can see how that could be dangerous living across the street from an ice cream place! Although...have you ever had one of Tipsy's adult milkshakes?! Cold brew coffee, dark chocolate, whipped cream, kahlua is one example. This could be a problem now that you mention it.
UPDATE: just found out there's not liquor at this location, so you'll have to go to Redmond or Woodinville for the boozy shakes, but can still enjoy beer & wine at the Kirkland location.

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