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The "Plug" Every Parent Needs to Know About

This is truly frightening.

With this last year behind us, it seems not much surprises me anymore, but we need to sound the alarm on this one. This is happening in our schools here and now.  A friend from Redmond messaged me in a panic that she recently learned about “Plugs” on Snapchat and Instagram.  I had never heard of this. Her daughter’s 12-year-old friend used a 'plug' to buy weed in Kirkland.  TWELVE.  Buying drugs quickly and easily online using social media platforms that don’t have a paper trail.  These dealers/fellow students/adults that are selling these products apparently will come to your house or a nearby meeting spot so you don’t have to know how to drive, or even leave the comfort of your pandemic pajamas.  Nobody knows what they are REALLY buying and putting in their bodies, not to mention the buyers are often minors  10-15 years old.  When I asked my 15yo son if he knew what a ‘plug’ was, he said he did.  And so do my friends’ children when they asked.  This trend is alive here in Kirkland/Seattle at this very moment.

This video in this UK article is worth watching.

How do we as a community help prevent this troublesome trend from escalating?  Education, prevention, regulations, let's get this on the radar of every leader and influencer.  Many have not even heard of it yet. So pick your jaw up off the floor and let's go.



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I had NO idea! thank you for enlightening me. Definitely going to talk to my kids


A Plug is an old term for a Sales Pitch, people do them for tons of things. The vice article doesn't mention that term at all.

If your kids have heard about plugs, that means they've seen an ad in the form of a personal video on social media, usually to sell some cheap beauty products and the like.

These are already prohibited for illegal substances, so I'm not sure what action you're calling for. Drug dealers have been driving to houses since the invention of the car, and they used horses before then to bootleg liquor.


Hey Pat, I think you're missing the point here. A plug is not a sales pitch or an ad in this context. It is a 'connection' otherwise known as a drug dealer. A person. One that sells drugs to children barely old enough to make themselves a sandwich. I am creating awareness so parents realize that social media platforms commonly used by young teens have the ability to serve as a type of doordash for drugs. The other call to action would be for Snapchat and Insta to be more responsible and proactive in monitoring their platforms to help minimize this type of activity.

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