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Everybody Fan Tang Tonight

(*this post has been edited)
Have you been to Fan Tang Asian Café in Houghton next to Met Market yet? The Northwest-inspired Hunan style food is really fresh and delicious. You can chat and ask questions of a friendly helper at the counter, or there are also digital kiosks where you can self-order (similar to Shake Shack).   Photos on the electronic menu really help a girl out.  I went with the ginger chicken noodle bowl ($13.25) and it made me super happy on a cold rainy day (photo below)


There's plenty of seating in their modern dining room, and I was glad to see a good handful of other locals had already discovered this little hotspot of generational family recipes.  And friends have been raving to me about the food they tried, the depth of flavors in the soup, and also the customer service when the owner goes out of his way to make sure you are happy with your selection.  Add this to your list!

Tues-Sunday 11 am-8:30 pm. 10615 NE 68th St, 425-298-4597, [email protected] 

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HaeSue Park

This was a terrific review and loved all the great photos!! It's a family owned business right in our neighborhood with plenty of parking and absolutely delicious food... Definitely a "must go, must eat!" Thank you Janis!


As an Asian-American, the jokes about the name ‘Tang’ are extremely offensive. Making fun of someone’s name, especially from another culture, is pretty bad form.


It is offensive to Asians when names are mocked, compared to food and used as puns or jokes. Even if the attempt is to promote their restaurant it is their name you are making fun of. I think I am not the only one who finds this post offensive.


It’s great to see local businesses being promoted, but doing so by making jokes about Asian names is not the kindest way to support this business.


I apologize to anyone that was offended by my original post, which has been edited. My intent was simply to promote a local business. Tang in Chinese means dining hall or cafeteria and in English is a beverage that sparks a memory that makes many children of the 70's smile. Warmth/smiles was the correlation I was trying to convey, but clearly missed the mark by reading the name as anything other than its authentic name.


Thank you for informing us - it looks delicious and now I can't wait to visit!

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