Hohohoppin' into the Holiday Season

Spud's New Mural with a Purpose

I was lucky enough to meet a talented local teen named Austin Picinich last summer when he had his own booth at Kirkland's Summerfest.  This young man is unstoppable with his amazing art that he pairs with community-focused and sustainability-centric messages.  Austin's next project is painting a 62-foot exterior wall mural on the side of SPUD Fish & Chips in Juanita to raise awareness for salmon in Juanita Creek. Austin is working with Urban Artworks to host a Community Paint Day this spring.  And, yes, that means you will be able to volunteer and get involved to help make his magic happen.  There will also be a plaque about salmon and the history of Juanita Creek.

In case your inner elf self would like to help support this project, Austin is also raising funds to help cover the cost of paint, permits, brushes, and other associated material costs.  He's a little more than halfway to his goal! Check out his pictures of the upcoming mural we will soon all be able to enjoy.  I'll let you know when they need volunteers this spring!

AustinPicinich (where the creativity begins)



 (digital mock-up)


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Austin Picinich

Thanks so much for supporting the mural project, I’m so excited to bring this public art project to life in Kirkland! It was so fun meeting you at Summerfest. I’m so excited for the Community Paint Day this Spring!


This is SO cool! What a talented young man! I tried to donate with the links however the link said "no longer accepting donations". Hoping that means the amount has been met. Please let me know I would like to contribute to this beautiful painting.

Austin Picinich

Thanks for reaching out Gail! Feel free to use this GoFundMe link to donate to the project:
Thanks for supporting the mural, and I’m so excited to bring this to life!

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