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Alesia and the Delights Behind Their Doors

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I was expecting a ten-minute stop when I meandered into Alesia, a new shop where Bassline (the 425 room) used to be on Central Way.  But the warmth and friendliness that I encountered kept me there for a longer visit. Meet Steve and Melody of Alesia, former teachers and possibly the most down-to-Earth bringing all the love to the table with no judgment kind of people.  Their shop is a self-proclaimed creative dichotomy of physical textures that are never off-the-rack.  They feature 32 different designers in jewelry, home goods, paintings, artistic glass, and handbags, along with Steve's custom jewelry work.  

AlesiaInterior Alesiajewelry  Alesiabracelet  

You'll get pulled into the comfort of their space that includes the cutest puppy on the planet named Finnley (photo below) and their "Bertie the Fox" logo that was created by Melody's son.  This charismatic duo cares about and supports sustainability and inclusivity and features products such as ethical lab-grown diamonds, recycled metals, conflict-free fair-trade gemstones, and vegan/cork purses.  They want to emphasize that EVERYONE is welcome, and proudly give a portion of their proceeds to TransFamilies and Pasado's Safe Haven

These former teachers are not focused on fancy, they are going for approachable and welcome their guests to be engaged and relaxed.   You won't easily find prices on things because they encourage you to ask questions and interact with their products- engage in the experience because so many of these new and unusual artisans create tactile pieces that you need to feel and have fun with.  As I started checking out the pieces, this concept became more clear to me.  A clever artist made this bracelet (photo above) that fits comfortably and artfully around the shape of my wrist, and many of the rings were square-shaped to perfectly compliment my fingers.  A fan- favorite of the artists they feature is Elizabeth Garvin.  Items in their shop range from $50 to several thousand depending on your taste and intention.  I'd encourage you to pop in and enjoy the beautiful uniqueness of Alesia's products and the warm welcome you will receive there.  Hours are Tues-Fri 11-5:30 and Sat 10-4  (closed Sun/Mon).

AlesiaFinnley10 wks <-- hi Finnley! he gives free kisses ! xo