Polar Plunge on 1/22 + Extra Ice Please
Small Threads for Kids has Big Deals for Us

What is a 'normal' year anymore?

Sunset calendar
Here it is...2022! What do you think so far? With all of the added snow/ice and an uptick in Omicron and shifting circumstances, I am relying on my hard-earned resilience as I strive to stay positive. So, let's start this post off with something fun!? A present! 

For the last two years, I have created a desk calendar of Kirkland sunsets (mostly from home or on my walks) because it was interesting to see how varying the same view could be on different days.  Find my sunset post on the Kirkland Blog's Facebook or Insta Account and share three things you are grateful for to be entered to win one of my special-made Kirkland Sunset Calendars! If you're in Kirkland I'll even hand-deliver it. Please respond by Friday....and don't forget to give me a follow! Social media is where you'll find the extra tidbits, like videos of all the local lunatics that jumped in Lake WA on Jan 1st that nobody should miss.

Also, if you're still looking for your COVID vax or booster, the new Bartell Drugs (and KBlog advertiser, woot!) in Kirkland has availability and you can make appointments here.  

Final cheers to 2022 for taking its thoughtful time to hold us upright, slow, and steady in getting back on track where everything isn't an extenuating circumstance, cancellation, or hair-on-fire emergency. #comebackyear #prettyplease


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I LOVE this calendar- so would anyone in Kirkland! Thanks for making it and sharing it with us! Beautiful place we live in!

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