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Since COVID reared its hideous head a few years back, I've been working out with my usual awesome crew over Zoom from my garage gym.  It's just turned out to be easier over time. But you can imagine our delight to have the opportunity to try out a new fitness spot in Kirkland IN REAL LIFE.  Enter Sasquatch Strength at 126 Central Way in downtown Kirkland where we were invited in for an unexpected butt-kicking at this Crossfit-style gym.   Formerly the location of Bassline Fitness, the space is now filled with new equipment and sectioned off with blue tape on the floors to mark your circuit station (room for about 12 people total).     Upon arrival, you toss your things in a locker, pick your workout space, and then peer up at the digital screens that will deliver your exercise fate for the day.  After collecting up the appropriate equipment and weights you will need, a trainer walks you through a group warm-up of about 10 stretches with bands and varying movements.  We were still smiling and starting to unzip our hoodies at this point.


Then the REAL work began.  I noticed there were only four exercises in the circuit that we were to keep rotating through for 18 minutes.  No problem!  Until I read what they were.  Thirty deadlifts (135/95 lbs), followed by 15 pull-ups (or 5 muscle-ups or pendlay rows), then 16/12 calories on the assault bike or rower, and then another 15 pull-ups (or 5 muscle-ups or pendlay rows).  Ooooof!  Set this entire cycle on repeat for 18 minutes.  I am clearly not the ass-kicker I thought I was because, I can eek out 6-8 pull-ups, but in my entire (cough cough) 30+ years of fitness I could never sustain this series.  Even trying the Pendlay rows was making my back think we were at the deadlift station again. Perhaps this pandemic really did wear me down? Afterward, I was wondering if the other regulars in class did this with ease, and I just didn't see them b/c I was blinded by my own desperation to try to get it done.  Thanks goodness for Scott, the General Manager who was super helpful (in photo w/us), recognized my dilemma and came over with some other equipment to substitute for that killer station.  Alas, I survived.  But now we know why it's called Sasquatch.  Of course, as with any workout, you are in charge of your own destiny and how hard you do or don't push yourself.  Sasquatch welcomes everyone into their community, the staff was friendly and the regulars seemed to have a warm camaraderie. You can book a trial class for free on the Sasquatch website.  



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