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4th of July in Kirkland 2022

The last two years have been a big disappointment to a city that LOVES celebrating the 4th of July.  But for 2022, we are back in business with our patriotic parade! Unfortunately, the fireworks show will not be back due to numerous challenges (100% price increase on fireworks, costly barge rental, and environmental and noise concerns).  But we will be TOGETHER AGAIN, lining the streets, laughing and dancing on floats in red white, and blue like it's 2019.  Some other fun activities are in the works, so stay tuned for more announcements on www.celebratekirkland.org .   

For more good fun, there is also a Celebrate Kirkland t-shirt design contest! All ages are encouraged to enter and the theme is "Celebrate Kirkland,  Together Again,"  Entries due by May 1st. Details are here- good luck! 


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Janis, Please encourage folks to GET INVOLVED! We want Floats! We want drill teams, marchers, neighborhoods to participate. Can't afford entry, just call me (425-765-5576) We are coming together again and need EVERYBODY to participate and help.

Brendan O’Meara

Really disappointed that fireworks are not returning after we had to wait two years for legit reasons. Noise and cost? Seriously? It’s the Fourth! Guess what, costs went up but so did our real estate and the city got a windfall in revenue. I doubt the coffers are empty. Stop making excuses. Have some courage and express some patriotism.

Pamela Goral

We are very disappointed that the city is not having a fireworks show this year. If the theme is “together again”, this is a missed opportunity to have people gather together. Almost every community around Kirkland is having fireworks this year - people have waited 2+ years! An excuse of too expensive seems false, so shame on the city for making a very unpopular decision.

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