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I've been meaning to try Cloud Food Court for a while now, and I'm not sure what took me so long.  Perhaps I had to mentally work past the phrase 'food court' which, traditionally in my mind, is associated with a mall where a circle of fast-food restaurants competes for your attention and then you hurriedly eat your food in the middle of said corral and swarms of hangry people. Release this thought from your brain

Cloud Food Court resides in Marina Park (52 Lakeshore Plaza, where Wow Wow Lemonade was previously), and offers three different cuisines (hence the food court concept, all in one place).  There is no indoor dining, you just walk in and chat with the super friendly down-to-Earth owners (say hi to Ali)  while you order your food to-go or sit in one of their three cute little tables nestled on their patio overlooking Lake Wa and Marina Park.  The menu is short and sweet and everything we had was tasty and fresh.   There are a few Greek options (salad, shawarma, falafel), Italian (pizza), and American (chicken sandwiches).  I struggled to figure out what I wanted to order and decided to go for the shawarma plate (last photo, $15) since I didn't really know what that was and felt adventurous that day.  I'm so glad I did!  It was a lot of food and the tasty chicken was really fresh atop a bed of basmati rice, with a crisp side salad, and homemade hummus and pita too.  My friend was super happy with her Greek Salad ($12), although I'd probably want to throw some protein on there.  Drinks are all bottled or canned for easy to-go's.  And sometimes they slip you a dessert to try from Dolce Vita Desserts.  I've had their giant cookie fresh out of the oven which was Ahh-mazing, and some excellent baklava that is cylinder-shaped so I can eat it more efficiently without dropping little pieces on the ground.  Always a plus! They also have tiramisu, konafa, and panna cotta if you have a sweet tooth. 

At first glance, I was skeptical about such a short menu, but I like that Cloud Food Court focuses on doing fewer menu items to focus on high quality and pride in sharing their food with Kirklanders.  I'm definitely coming back for the shawarma.  I also heard the folks next to us raving about their chicken sandwich.  I'm excited about this option as we roll into summer (it's still coming, right? right?!) for a pickup after a stroll, eating outside, on a Duffy boat, or at the summer concerts in the park.  They are open 11 am- 8 pm every day but closed on Mondays.  425-242-1129.  Easy ordering online happens here, complete with photos of each menu item.

You could always drop by when you visit the Kirkland Weds Market opening day on Weds June 1st???? Check out this year's vendors.  All we need is a little SUNSHINE. ~j


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