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Mike Warga Found

Need your Help! Missing Person in Kirkland

There is currently a massive search going on for this Kirkland man. Have you seen him? Please lend a hand and spread the word…
Missing Person - Michael Warga Updated August 28, 2022 at 9:42 AM PTMike Warga has been missing since 10am on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Prior to going missing he was in good spirits. The only thing out of the ordinary was that he was sick earlier in the week which negatively impacted his sleep and intake of food and water. However, he seemed to have recovered and was feeling fine by the day prior to missing. 
Search Effort Mikey Warge Jr (Mike Warga’s son is coordinating search efforts). For critical updates text me at 425-785-9874 or email me at [email protected]. Sorry if I don’t respond as there are a lot of messages coming in. 
Here is where we are organizing the Search Effort. It’s a work in progress. 
Major Points:Kiwanis Park has been extensively searched by Police, Police drones, and volunteers. Efforts should be placed elsewhere.
Appearance and SightingsHe was wearing a one-quarter zip blue / purple pullover and black jeans. (Note the security footage may make the pullover look more purple than it is).
9:53am Mike was seen walking down 14 St West

Sighting (9:38am)Recent Headshot

Timeline (in chronological order)7:30am - He was last seen in person that morning at 7:30am in his bedroom (222 5th Ave West Kirkland WA 98033, see pin drop here, Red Icon Below). 
9:17am - The next door neighbor’s security camera recorded Mike leaving his home at 9:17am. He followed his Saturday routine of driving to McDonald’s for a breakfast sandwich as evidenced by a credit card purchase and wrappers in the home garbage can. He also stopped by the dry cleaners as evidenced by receipt in car with timestamp of 9:34am and shirts hanging at home on the door handle of the front door closet. 
9:35am - The next door neighbor’s security camera recorded Mike returning to his house. 
9:38am - The next door neighbor’s security camera recorded him at 9:37am walking northwest along the alley behind his house towards 3rd St W along the alley between 5th Avenue West and 7th Avenue West (see pin drop here, Blue Icon Below). 
9:53am - The security camera at 678 14th Ave West recorded Mike walking northwest briskly at 9:53am. He was heading northwest along 14th Ave that turns to 10th St via a walking path as it changes direction. This is the last sighting so far. 
9:56am - According to Find My Device for Apple, his cell phone was last registered near Kiwanis Park along 10th St W (see pin drop here, Brown Icon Below). 

Other Known FactsMike’s 
MISSINGMichael (Mike) Joseph Warga
Date of Birth: 11/1/1958Age: 63Sex or gender: MaleRace: WhiteEyes: BlueHair: GrayHeight: 5’9”Weight: 158 lbsWearing: Blue or purple longsleeve shirt and black jeans

LAST SEEN: West of Market Neighborhood, Kirkland, WA on August 27, 2022
IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT MIKE PLEASE CONTACT: Police (911) and Sue Warga at (425) 503-5811
For more details see or QR Code:

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Sara Parsons

Please keep us informed on how we can help. We would like to do what we can, but not be in the way.


Found, more info here:

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