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Kirkland Polar Plunge 2023: Calling All Crazy People

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It doesn't feel like that many years ago that I was chipping ice off the boat's windshield to waterski in early December.  I must have been crazy. Just like all of you polar plungers!  The City of Kirkland's official "January Jump" scheduled for  January 7th was canceled due to a lack of sign-ups.  But I have a feeling you die-hards don't want to plan that far ahead and pay $15 to jump in a public lake.  So go ahead and do what you always do, the ole regulars and the newbies can all bond in their skivvies as they charge into 2023 AND Lake Washington at Marina Park at 1pm on January 1st.   A bathing suit/towel, hat, shoes that can get wet, and your defibrillator is all you'll need for this unsanctioned and invigorating Kirkland tradition.  The water temp of Lake WA is around 40 degrees now, which seems balmy compared to this crazy lady in Antarctica.  Stay warm friends, and happy new year! 



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I’ll be there!! As a regular Jan 1st dipper!! Look forward to seeing you too 👍❄️💪

Glenn Peterson

I did a dip like that in Antarctica when I took a trip there in 2019. It's a standard feature of many such cruises. It isn't noticeably worse than Lake Washington in March.

I've been called crazy for less. :)

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