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Exhale at Butter Massage Spa

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Butter Massage Spa at 1320 Market St is ready to sweep you away for some much-needed "me" time.  Owner Michelle Wedel's goal is for everyone to leave her new business relaxed.  And she didn't have to twist my arm to give it a try!  I love the interior updates to this classic building we've all cruised by a million times.  It feels clean and organized (which calms me) and also professional while quiet and private.   You can park on the street or in the little lot in the back.   Michelle will greet you for check-in, so get there early because not only should you never ever be even 3 seconds late for a massage, but the lobby has an interesting array of products that are all from women-owned and US-based brands and you'll want to have time to check them out. There's fabulous smelling non-drying hand sanitizer, jewelry that she creates (her former job), candles, lotions, oils, and more.  Michelle got into this business because she was hit by a semi-truck in her 20s and experienced chronic neck pain. The only thing that helped was massage, and she enjoys working with her hands and being one-on-one with people, so she wanted to be able to help others this way too.

My treatment really hit the spot in a comfortable room where she expertly delivered a 90-minute deep-tissue massage and discovered many rocks that have apparently been living rent-free in my upper back. Specialty oils and hot towels made it complete.  Michelle has a quiet demeanor, which I appreciate in this environment, and I shared how I always wished there was an option to pay a little extra at the end of a massage so I could just fall asleep for 30 minutes instead of having to re-dress and face the world again so immediately.   LOL- is this just me? Her full list of services can be found here and include luxuries such as hot stones, warm bamboo, cryotherapy, cupping, dry brush, and more.  Pricing is really reasonable starting at $100.  And of course, there's something special for Kirkland Blog readers..... a 90-minute hot stone massage, seasonal sugar scrub for back and feet, plus a paraffin foot treatment all for $185.  Text 206-402-1978 to book before 9/1/2023 and tell Michelle you heard about it here.  Alternatively, there is a first-time client discount of $15 off a service of your choice.

Other providers rent space in the building  that offer services such as permanent make-up, skincare, acupuncture, and naturopathy.  They will soon be expanding into the downstairs also.  And Michelle will have another room where there will eventually be couples massages offered.  Check back at buttermassagespa.com and their Insta page often for updates, promos, and monthly offers.  Go treat yourself to a 90-minute massage at Butter Massage Spa (60 is never quite enough..), you deserve it! ~j