Sweets & Sweats at The Village at Totem Lake

That's a Wrap. Thank you, Kirkland.

Some of you have been asking, so I wanted to make it official...

The time has come to wind down the Kirkland Blog and leave you alone to explore our amazing little community.  I started this idea about 18 years ago, and it's been an awesome ride of trying fabulous foods, exploring new shops, attending action-packed events, and meeting so many citizens and business owners who love Kirkland just as much as I do.  It feels like we've grown up together (heck, we even survived a pandemic together!) and I appreciate you.  You always kept it classy with your comments and curiosity.  I think I just lost my blogging mojo.  And honestly, it's 2024, who blogs anymore?! Now that I'm officially an empty-nester, you'll more easily find me on a pickleball court or chasing sunshine rather than sitting at my desk attempting to wordsmith some local humor.  I'll keep the URL since it's a fun walk down memory lane ( go scroll, it's amazing to see the changes in Kirkland over the years).  And you can still email me at [email protected] if you need anything since we are now forever friends.

Thanks for the great run, Kirkland.  You guys have fun..... I'm sure I will see you around town. 




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Jim Cyr

Hi Janice,
I will miss your blog and I understand the empty nester thing. I still work out at tattoo (LA) Fitness. I miss the JBAC, but the cost of TF is covered by my health insurance. Home you and your family are doing great.
All the best,
Jim Cyr

HaeSue Park

Aw, Janis, this made me sad but I totally get that it's a new journey now!! You have a wonderful talent with words and I loved reading every single post.. Thanks for all that you have shared with our lovely Kirkland!! xxx

Linda Sacco

Thank you Janis for all your great information and Kirkland scoop through the years. It was wonderful and will be missed.

Stan Gregg

Hi Janis,

You have provided a great community service over the years, and it seems like just a few years ago that we met in our driveway when you were organizing neighborhood emergency preparedness. Judy and I spent 32 years in our home and enjoyed so many of our times and neighbors there. While we enjoy our new Anacortes home, Kirkland will always be special in our hearts.Wishing you the very best in where ever life takes you. ❤️Stan

Carolyn McConnell

Bye and Thank YOU! Carolyn McConnell WOM

Toby Nixon

Thanks for all you observations, insights, and recommendations over the years! Maybe we'll catch you on Be Neighborly Kirkland from time to time!

Val Burmester

Well, thank you Janice! I loved your blog, discovering Kirkland from your blog was awesome and you were always spot on!!! I’ll play pickle ball with you and golf anytime!!!
Enjoy your empty nesting!

Jeff Hoerth

It's been a great run. You did a wonderful job with this blog to introduce newcomers and old to Kirkland. Congrats. Enjoy the next chapter.

Peggy Lotz

Thanks so much for keeping us informed about our local community! I loved reading your blog. I can’t wait to hear about the next chapter of your life. Have fun and soak up the sun, even if you have to travel to find some.

Liz Hunt

It's the end of an era!! Thank you SO MUCH for your diligent sleuthing and reporting and your enthusiasm for our wonderful city! I loved reading all of your posts. See you around town!

Peter Drabble

Thank you.

Barbie Young

Thank you for being the glue of Kirkland! You go enjoy life- you deserve it!


I am glad you have decided to keep the site up. With blog postings going back to 2005 (first post was this https://www.kirklandweblog.com/kirkland_weblog/2005/12/29/index.html) it serves as an important historical document, with many photos of places long gone.

I still think there is a place for blogging in today's online world, but I also know how time consuming a task it is to maintain and regularly update one, as you have for so many years.

Well done, and enjoy your time away from the tyranny of page counts and self imposed deadlines!

Thank you.

Amy C.

We moved away from Kirkland 12 years ago, but I always missed it and still kept up with your blog! It was like a little piece of home that made me smile. :) Thanks for all the work you put in over the years and enjoy your extra time!! I read something the other day that instead of "empty nesters" a couple was referring to themselves as "bird launchers"...I liked that one. ;) Take care!

Helen Suk

A huge loss for our community today but a huge gain for me as you will have more time to play!


Sometimes time comes to an end. Even after 18 years. You kept it classy. Always.
With site up, still remains a fantastic a treasure trove of information. And memory trigger.

Heather Gertmenian

Janis your blog full of wit and wisdom on all things Kirkland will certainly be missed. Thank you for your labor of love. One of my favorite mantras is "Trust the timing of your life." Sounds like you are. Best wishes on whatever new adventures life brings. Thank you for keeping the URL alive. It's like our own little community time-capsule (and invaluable resource for those of us who can't seem to quit the writing bug, yet). See ya on the pickleball courts!

A Suraphong

Hello from Thailand 👋 Janis,

I am sure felt like we are grew up together since i opened Simplicity Decor in Feb of 2006 from meeting you , your families and watching your kids growing up. I too, know that change isn’t easy but it’s certain in our lives. I still remember your last interview at the store. Thank you for everything and we are so blessed to have known you and be your forever friend.

Now, start planning your Thailand trip 😃


Thank you for your blog. I always enjoyed hearing from you what was coming, going, or whatever the news was! You have a wonderful writing style that I enjoyed and will miss. All the best to as you celebrate your next chapter in life. -Catherine

Rochelle Nelson Haberl

Janice, I said it on FB, but it's worth repeating... The Kirkland Weblog is part of our town's history, and your reporting and involvement in the city growth has been so critical! Thank you for all of your efforts over the years and here's to the next chapters...enjoy! xox Rochelle

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