The Pursuit

Big thanks to my friend Meredith S who has been loving her workouts at "The Pursuit" and agreed to write a post for us! After chatting with her, I was so compelled that I decided to do a field-trip with a few of my usual workout partners to put it to the test, my comments added in below.

If you've spent time in Juanita Village recently and done any window shopping you may have noticed a newer gym just a few doors down from Urban Coffee Lounge and Bala Yoga. The Pursuit opened last summer and has been steadily gaining a following.

Visit and you'll see ten Pilates reformer type benches and a bright clean studio space. Classes are 50 minutes and limited to ten students. Instructors are vigilant about form and give a lot of guidance and correction to make sure you are targeting the right muscles and staying safe on the equipment.

As a recent practitioner, one of the things I love most is the slow pace. I've often compared the workout to a session to physical therapy. Slow, deliberate movements push muscle groups to their maximum. You're legs and arms and abs will be quivering, and that's the point. The Lagree philosophy is all about working at a low impact but maximum ability. It's intense! You'll break a sweat and you will be sore.

This is a great cross training option for people, like me. I play a lot of soccer and have had a few chronic injuries that have been tough to rehab at home. After a few sessions on the Megaformer (that's what the machines are called) I'm feeling a lot stronger and those sore areas have disappeared... or maybe it's that I'm now sore all over.

Your first class is free. In my experience all the instructors have been really helpful guiding new students through the exercises and keeping a close eye on your form. So, if you are looking to change it up a bit or just want to work those muscles in a slow, deliberate way, give it a go! ~Meredith


During this workout, we were laughing so that we wouldn't cry.  It took a little while to get the hang of the machines and the directions, but then we were able to get to work!  Meredith forgot to put the word QUIVER in all caps because I was shaking like a leaf.  For your first (free) session it's not required, but there are grip socks ($20) that you are supposed to wear during the workout and I can see how those would be really helpful as you are trying to control a glideboard while balancing and, of course, shaking as you exhaust teeny tiny muscles you didn't know you had.  I added this photo so you could see how sweaty AJ is in the center. That's why he's standing all weird-Mindy and I didn't have to get too close to his drenched self (i'm like a desert snake...I don't sweat). It's noteworthy that they are getting ready to open another location on NE 8th in Bellevue. Pricing is $150-250/month depending on the number of sessions you sign up for. Scheduling happens through mindbodyonline ~Janis

Shamrock Run: Register Now for $5 OFF

This year's Kirkland 5K Shamrock Run (or walk..) is Saturday March 11, 2017 at 9am. If you're in the mood for a holiday deal, you can register before Dec 31st and enter discount code HOHOHO to enjoy $5 off your entry. This event benefits local non-profits and, logically you can celebrate your finish time, whatever it may be, at Wilde Rover afterwards. Sign up here and get ready to get your green on through the streets of downtown Kirkland.


Columbia Athletic Club Shares Their Traditions

CACad  Brenda Kauffman, the Membership Director at Columbia Athletic Club at Juanita Bay, who also happens to be a recent recipient of the Anne J. Owen Award from the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce for her community service (woot woot!), shares her favorite local holiday happenings with us.  Exciting news also worth mentioning is that Columbia just remodeled a room in their facility to be an ImpacTraining Studio.  Maybe I'll see you in there in 2017?

From Brenda...

My favorite Kirkland holiday tradition is the Annual Tree Lighting produced by the Kirkland Downtown Association.  I love it because it’s a great way to kick off the holidays and it gets me excited for the season.  This event gets bigger and better every year, changing locations to make sure there’s room for everyone, which keeps it fresh and fun.  I remember years ago we had reindeer in a fenced off area and roasted chestnuts over an open fire.  This year there was snow for the kiddos to go sledding, while everyone listened to Geoffrey Castle on the electric violin.

At Columbia Athletic Club we like to thank our members with a big holiday party in December. 
This year we also celebrated the Club’s 35th Anniversary and had nearly 300 folks attend the bash!  Continuing the celebration of this milestone, we’re offering very exciting promotions until the end of year. So if your New Year’s resolutions involve improving your health, while having fun doing it, December is definitely the month to get going! Email or call 425-821-0882 for more info.

"The Pursuit" at Juanita Village

ThePursuit   Thepursuitlogo

No, it's not a dating service.  Grab your gym shorts on instead.  I happened to walk by this sign in Juanita Village (facing the baseball field) recently that is announcing the opening of The Pursuit in August.  And if you are like me, you have never heard of lagree fitness, but are thankful for Google searches. I learned that lagree fitness is a training method taught on exclusive technology that was developed by Sebastien Lagree.  From the look of their Facebook page photos, I image that if a Pilates Reformer and a Gravity machine had a baby, this is what it would look like.  It is based on the principles that physical fitness is made up of five basic elements: cardio, strength, endurance, body composition and flexibility. Lagree incorporates all 5 elements not just in one session but in each and every move.  It is high intensity on the muscles but low impact on the joints, spine and connective tissues.

They are currently hiring experienced group fitness instructors. Check out The Pursuit website and get ready to meet me there to try this out soon!

Run, Drink, Dance

What are you doing tomorrow?? Going to a Kirkland Rooftop Beatles Concert, of course- Saturday, January 30 12:00pm- Creme Tangerine will be rockin' on the rooftop balcony of Livengood Alskog (121 3rd Ave) to give a nod to the anniversary of The Beatles' legendary last performance known as "the rooftop concert."  It's free!  Viewing happens from Central Way and Lake Street at the street level.

Shamrocksneaker<----You need these

The Kirkland Shamrock Run is looking for volunteers for this year's race on March 12th in Marina Park.  There are volunteer shifts available on Thurs 3/10, Fri 3/11 and Sat 3/12  and a $20 donation will be made in your name to the charity of your choice when you sign up to help. Win/Win. Contact Natalie (volunteer coordinator) with questions.  Can't volunteer, but you're ready to run? Register here.

Steve and I enjoyed a great evening at the Vintimate event in the Heathman Hotel last night where we celebrated Chef Brian's new wine label, Piggyback Cellars. Guests had an opportunity to taste the '12 Syrah (this was our fave!), '13 Syrah, '13 Amber Roussanne and '13 Blush Syrah & Roussanne while nibbling on duck with BBQ sauce and foie gras puffs, followed by the new pastry chef's selection of chocolaty-themed treats.   Did you miss the event and still want to try these fabulous wines? Don't fret-they will be on the Trellis wine list very soon or you can also purchase here.

Shoutout to Kirkland Blog contest winners Michelle, Don and Cody- your reusable bags are on their way!  Thanks for reading and participating. 



Things that are New

CKC Logo with Swoosh
Cross Kirkland Corridor
Community Celebration- say that three times fast!  Monday 8/31 4:30-6:30pm and park at Google (451 7th Ave South, pkg level 1).  There's about $3M worth of new tricked out stuff for the public on the CKC.  Come check out the wide concrete portion of the trail, a fitness area, basketball and volleyball courts, a  playground, and zip line. Event info: or this Facebook page

Do you want to help build a Learning Garden at McAuliffe Park?  The Kirkland Parks Foundation and Seattle Tilth are making it happen! Give a hand here

Sponge Opens in Houghton Village (10600 Ne 68th St)- Sponge is an award-winning language program that is having a free Grand Opening event on Sat 8/29  and Sun 8/30 from 1-5pm.  You will be taken all over teh glove with cultural crafts, tasty treats and mini-classes in Spanish, Mandarin, French, Japanese and German.  Sign up for a free mini-session here. You can also call 206-227-7138 or email 

425 Collective- This fall Northwest University will be launching a business incubator/co-working space for innovative people to create, connect and cultivate. There will be start-ups, existing businesses and experts, coaches and consultants. 425 Collective will be not only creating community for these groups but formatting educational events and workshops.  Members can rent office space or a desk.  Contact for more info.

FlexPassmockup93(<---who's the rocket scientist behind this? )
Good to Go
wants to know.. Do you have your new Flex Pass for the 405?  Cause that's a fun freeway to crawl on.  It sounds like they might have this whole tolling the 405 bit figured out by Sept.  I'm not holding my breath.  But just in case, here's the way I understand it-- if you want to drive in the HOV lane EVER on the 405 you're going to need a Flex Pass.  It's not the same pass you use for the 520 already, but the new Flex pass works for both highways.  And since this is part of my after-school carpool mayhem, I have just purchased one for $15.  If I have more than 2 (or 3 depending on WHEN) people in my car, I can HOV lane for free.  Because I can remember to manually slide some little bar on my Flexpass while driving, verbally doing homework w/whining kids in back seat while answering a phone call and scarfing down a protein bar.  No problem.  Got it.  Thanks D.O.T.  Can't wait to see how driving improves for little old people like my mom too.  Hold on to your seat-belts, people.



My A_ _ Likes ClassPass

A fellow gym rat friend just filled me in on this little stroke of genius.  Have you heard of ClassPass?  Do you ever get in a rut doing the same old thing at your same old gym week after week? A lot of us like mixing it up but it's just not affordable to join multiple gyms.  Now you don't have to.

For just $79/mo, ClassPass grants you access to unlimited classes at many local studios each month.  You can take up to 3 classes at one location in any given month.  In Kirkland, some of the participants are Fly Fitness, Barre3, Divine Movement and Bassline Fitness, Kutting Edge Fitness, Bala Yoga and more.  Places such as Flywheel, BFit and David Barton in Bellevue all participate too.   They keep adding more studios and classes to choose from each week.  You can even put your membership on hold for just $19/mo if you need to.  And they have a fun blog.  Grab a friend and hop around town together doing different workouts each week.  Then you can grab a donut and latte afterwards ;-)

In other local gym news... X Gym will be leaving Central Way soon and are expanding their space (and parking, ouch, sensitive topic) and heading near the South Kirkland Park and Ride.