1 Year Coastline Anniversary= $1 Burgers for Us!

Locally owned Coastline Burgers is celebrating their first anniversary in Kirkland and is thanking the community by offering $1 single patty burgers all day on Thursday Nov 21st.  My son has put this in his calendar and has already snap-chatted all of his friends. I suggest you do the same. Don't worry, I'm sure there won't be a line??!  Kudos to you, Coastline, we are glad you are here! Congrats on your success that comes with accolades such as a 4.7 star average review on Google and Facebook.  Owner Aaron Shepherd said, "The warm reception of the Kirkland neighborhood has exceeded all expectations.  I am so glad we decided to make the Kirkland community home to our second store as we continue to grow into the future." 

"Hawk Time" Sundays at Waxing the City

Waxing the city seahawks
Have you ever been watching a Seahawks game on a Sunday and while everyone else is screaming at the TV you're thinking yourself, " I should really be getting waxed right now?"  Ah-ha!  I knew it.  You're in luck. Waxing the City in Totem Lake is starting up "Hawk Time" for those that would prefer to sip wine from Northwest Cellars, nibble on light appetizers and get some silky smooth skin during the game.  Wear your Seahawks gear to receive 10% off your waxing service. 11515 124th Ave NE. Appts available online.  Go Hawks!

SeahawkHouse2015 (6)
Oh, and a little birdie told me that the 'Seahawks House' in the Highlands neighborhood (with the over-the-top light display) might be showing up in a major network holiday decoration light fight show. Go Kirkland!

RED Services offers FREE CPR Classes for Kirklanders

Free is always affordable.  Especially when you can learn a skill that might save a life. RED Services is a company founded by firefighters that are devoted to making homes and families safe.  And they are proving this commitment by offering FREE CPR classes taught by off-duty firefighters.

You just need to provide a space and have at least 20 people for a class- so ask the boss to do one for your office, or gather a group of neighbors, church group,  round up some friends or have a family reunion.  This is a great opportunity. I've taken a class with these guys and they're great at netting out what is important to know.  Participants need to be at least 15 years old.  If you would like a certification card, then the cost is $20/per person. Email Andy Altig: [email protected] to get something scheduled. Thanks RED!


Smoke Shop: Free Trial Offer ???

Smokeshop (2)

I was driving past our downtown Kirkland "Smokin Hot Smoke Shop" today and couldn't help but notice their giant banner announcing a FREE TRIAL OFFER for a vaporizer and e-cigarette.  Well, isn't that super??! Somehow this just rubs me the wrong way.  But I can't put my finger on it.  And I'm sure some of you are going to go berserk on me when you read this.  But I also think some of you feel the weird vibe this sign creates too.

I know they have the same right as anyone to advertise their business...does it feel like they're encouraging the general public to smoke (legal, I realize...)?  Maybe next door we could open a porn shop and your first DVD is free?  Or a gun store offering free bullets?  Same strange corner of the universe perhaps- Compelling to some, but offensive to others?  Maybe it's the location I can't wrap my brain around. I dunno.  Go ahead, comment.  I'll brace myself (probably while you are all rushing out to get your free vaporizers....) ~j 

Ambrosia: My Juanita Village Oasis

I made an appointment for a 90 minute facial at Ambrosia MedSpa & Wellness  (across from Juanita Village Starbucks) because-hey- it was the last week of school for the kids so it might be my last moment of silence and self-indulgence for a few months.  And what a treat it was! 

I did some quick and easy paperwork before Maren Brown, medical aesthetician,  whisked me into her room and the magic began.  She cleansed my face with a Clarisonic before the microdermabrasian which felt like a small mechanical sander sloughing off all that old dry skin that used to make me look like I was 87.  Maren's music was a relaxing mix off of her own playlist which didn't include dribbling waterfalls which I was thankful for (cuz they make me feel like I have to pee).

A series of steaming, warming,  sponging, painting, extracting, massaging and small rhythmic circling with Eminence Organic Skin Care products (decolletage and hands too) was so heavenly I woke myself up with a giant snore! Which is always embarrassing but Maren rightfully understood this as a true sign of a job well done.   Which I also felt when I looked at my glowing shining face of healthy aftermath and thought, "there's hope for me yet! Thanks Maren!"

Ambrosia MedSpa & Wellness has had a new owner since January, Stacie Lindal.  Stacie was a corporate HR Director for 16 years but always had a passion for skincare.  When she decided to pursue her dream of running a skincare business, she chose Ambrosia because "...she loved the staff.  it just felt RIGHT."  Ambrosia has been around since 2008 and Stacie has kept much of the staff in place. 

Ambrosia offers an array of spa services such as facials, laser hair removal, photo-facials, microdermabrasian and skin re-firming.  This may sound like Greek to you youngsters out there, but words to the wise: pay attention now for what awaits around the corner.  They also have a family doctor, Dr. Vern Cherewatenko on site three days a week.  He is able to help with things such as B-12 shots, bio-identical hormones, ADHD, sports physicals and general health.  Dr. Alexander Sobel is an aesthetic injector and is double board certified in General Cosmetic Surgery and Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery.  This is one stop shopping to the fountain of youth and wellness in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  Not even halfway into summer and I am missing Maren already.  There's a special offer too, of course, for first time clients (one per client) you can enjoy the "Triple Beauty Treat", which is 3 treatments for $150.  You can join their email list here to stay up to date on all the monthly specials. Feel free to check them out- good stuff awaits you! 425-814-3235 ~j

Calling all Cat Ladies

MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland (a non-profit no-kill shelter near PCC) is hosting author Gwen Cooper on Sat July 20th from 2-4pm.  Gwen, the best-selling author of "Homer's Odyssey", and her latest, "Love Saves the Day", is visiting animal shelters instead of book stores on her book tour.  It's the trend of the future. And it's free, no RSVP needed.

Here's my favorite part........ MEOW is SO EXCITED to have her as a special guest that they will be offering an adoption promo through the month of July called "Love Saves."  That means two for one cat and kitten adoptions! No joke.  (Steve's eyes start puffing up if I even type the word 'kitten').  So you don't have to decide which of your kids to give a special kitten to this summer- get one for each of them! Go- go now- look at all these kitty cats---aaaahchoooo--- that need a home! ~j

A few more sweet ideas..

You saw my Valentine's reminder and meant to pick up the phone or start clicking but you forgot, didn't you?  Fear not. The Heathman Hotel is offering a special Valentine's Day Package for locals and visitors to enjoy the romantic holiday.  $214 for 2/14 includes: one night in a classic guestroom, valet parking, rose petal turndown, a bottle of champagne and a 'bathrobe breakfast for two' in-room.  This offer is available Feb 14-17th. Of course, Chef Brian Scheehserat at Trellis is creating a special prix-fix Valentine's day menu - always a treat! 

If you don't have someone to share this made-up Hallmark holiday with, you can still share some love with the warmth of your giving heart.  While the lucky ones will be nestling up at The Heathman, let's also remember some children go to sleep cold every night.   Sleep Country USA is having their annual pajama drive for foster kids (there are 20,000 in the Northwest!) now through March 3rd.   Donations of NEW pajames in all sizes can be dropped off at any Sleep Country store.  For Kirklanders, the closest one is Totem Lake.

Happy Valentine's, my sweets.....~j

Get Fit for $40 at Bassline Fitness

Bassline (5)  Bassline (1)

January seems to be the time that everyone decides "this is my year to get fit"- so what's stopping you?  Nothing now.  I know we all love a deal, so Bassline Fitness is offering Kirkland Weblog readers unlimited classes in January for $40.    Or, you can set yourself up for auto-pay for $40/mo unlimited (usually $80-hurry before they change their minds).  There's great energy in those classes and I promise, you WILL get a good workout.  I am one of those weird humans that rarely sweats, and even I sweat in their classes.  If you haven't tried it yet, your first class is FREE.  

Also new at Bassline, when classes are not in session, they are offering 'open gym' times so you can use their equipment (Woodways/krank machines/spinners/rowers/sandbags/TRX) and do your own thang. Childcare is offered through their Kids Cottage.  No more excuses-- get off your rump roast and start running to 126 Central Way.  Bonus: you will feel good about supporting a new local business! Call w/questions 425-739-4444.

Your Valentine Reminder

I didn't want to start the new year off by whining about the things that have gone sideways for me in the first 4 days of the year already.  Nor did I want to kick off 2013 by blasting LA Fitness for being an over-glorified corporate box of cardio machines with no care for customer service.  That would be a jerk move.  So instead let's talk about something happy, like love and maybe add in a little laughter at the end with some Polar Plunge photos ( a bit late, see rant above)....

Boys, THIS IS YOUR REMINDER, a small gift from me to you...make your Valentine's reservations now.  Most absent-minded men will be scurrying around a month from now with high hopes of impressing their lady, only to find that they can't get a reservation until 10 pm.  But not MY blog readers, you guys are on your game.  Carillon Point is ready for you-- I know The Woodmark has put together some special Valentine's packages- Lover's Choice, Lakeside Rendezvous, and the Boats and Bubbles Proposal.  bin on the lake and Beach Cafe have both crafted special menus and cocktail selections for the occasion.  Their Northwest Face Spa has also created some rejuvenating specials for couples such as: Romeo & Juliet (30min 'sweet-ish" massage/pedicure/champagne for 2 for $220), Cupid Retreat (80 min river rock stone massage for 2 at $290). The spa deals are available thru 2/25 so even if you are one of those late guys, you could still impress! Or if your wallet is empty from the holidays, how about leaving a handwritten love note somewhere for her? Texting it doesn't count.  Go old school, the ladies love that. Anyway, feel free to comment if you know of other special Valentine happenings around town. 

 And - the polar plunge drew an extra big crowd this year, thanks to clear sunny skies and calm water.  Although, I still find is curious that there are so many more observers than plungers.  Watching does not compare to doing. As our seven year old Brady realized this year with his first full submersion on New Year's day.  No more going in to your knees and running out lil buddy- welcome to the club! (photo below)

JanuaryEarly 077  JanuaryEarly 085  JanuaryEarly 091


Marmot Motherload

BestKeptSecretMarmotSale 002  BestKeptSecretMarmotSale 003

This will no longer be the "Best Kept Secret" because now I am sharing it with all of you.   On Tuesday 9/18  our local sample store, "The Best Kept Secret" , at 503 6th St. South is putting tons of current season Marmot and Merrell winter/ski gear out on their floor at wholesale prices (plus 15%).  Fun brightly colored ski pants, jackets, shells, and half-zips in both mens and womens--everything is a size MEDIUM.  Prices range from $65-250 (some of which retail up to $650).

BestKeptcoats 031  BestKeptcoats 032

Here were my two favorite finds that you will see me sporting this season (Steve doesn't read this blog, does he?).  All of the new fall seasons finds will also be on the floor.  sssssshhh, it's a secret.............