Kirkland Moorage...what is the best marina for you?

Do you own a boat and wonder where the best moorage is in Kirkland?   Well, if you are fortunate enough to live on the lake and have access to a dock you are one of the lucky (and probably rich) ones!  If you live away from the water and need to find a home for your boat you have four options.   They include the following (click on each to link to the marina website):

Carillon Point Marina (425) 822-1700

Yarrow Bay Marina (425) 822-6066

Kirkland Yacht Club Marina (206) 985-8200

Marina Park Dock (425) 587-3347

OK, here is the low down....

Carillon is by far the nicest and most expensive marina in Kirkland.   It has the nicest facilities and shares the waterfront with restaurants (Yarrow Bay Grill, Beach Cafe, Cucina Cucina, etc.), the beautiful Woodmark Hotel, and other amenities such as shower facilities and Starbucks.   The marina is top notch and you find some of the largest and most expensive yachts on Lake Washington moored there.   Included in the moorage is security, water, and electrical hookups.  No you can't live on board your boat. Sorry!  But you can moore your boat in style and luxury!  Janis and I used to moore our small 21 foot Sea Ray at Carillon (then is was about $230 a month).   We moved the boat after they raised our moorage about every 6 months.  That being said, this is definitely the high end for marinas and if you are looking for the best you should consider Carillon.  Our friends just secured a side tie spot for their 23 footer.  Price was $390 per month and they waited a year for the spot to open up.  Good luck! 

Yarrow Bay is the only marina in Kirkland with dockside gas!  I have often filled up at Yarrow Bay, but have never been too impressed with the facility or the service.  The marina offers the most services (115 slips both covered/open, free parking, full service/repair, fuel dock) but is also the oldest marina and  has been in operation since approximately 1966.  It sits right next to the Carillon marina and the two offer a stark contrast between new and old.   Their prices are $10 per foot/per month for uncovered slips and $11 per foot/per month for covered slips.   Definitely not the nicest marina, but has the most amenities.  They don't have a wait list so you just have to call when you are feeling lucky.  Of course you can still use their amenities even if you don't moore at Yarrow Bay.  Oh, they also rent out boats if you just want to speed around the lake.   

The Kirkland Yacht Club is next to Anthony's Homeport in downtown Kirkland.   They do a great job of hiding!  It's been a struggle to find any information about them, including a valid phone number to call.  Some folks even told me it's not called the Kirkland Yacht Club anymore.  The link above is to the development company, Westwater, that is redeveloping the marina right now.  They are building a new breakwater (yes, the old research vessel if finally gone!) and will have all new docks and facilities sometime in 2006.   The voice message I got indicated they are taking $500 non-refundable deposits now for "large vessels" and that all smaller slips are not available.  Not sure if you could get on a wait list or not???  Hopefully someone reading this blog can comment and fill in the gaps on this mysterious marina...

Well, that just leaves us with the public facilities at Marina Park Dock.   It's the best location, but the longest you can moore a boat is 3 nights before you have to pack up and leave.  If you want to find a spot for July 4th weekend or the next Seafair you should start planning now!  Moorage rates vary from $7 per night up to $25 per night depending on the size of your boat.  Next to the marina is also the Kirkland boat launch.  You can get a day pass to launch your boat for $10 or if you are a Kirkland resident you can pay $30 for the whole year.    The park surrounding the marina is great.  We bring our kids to frolic in the sand/water during the summer.  All the Kirkland restaurants are withing walking distance as well.  Try The Slip (next door)for a hand-made margarita and a tasty burger! 

Comments encouraged!  Thanks, Steve