Kirkland Parks Foundation Fundraising for Waverly Beach Park

Waverly shelter
The Kirkland Parks Foundation is a new non-profit organization that fundraises for projects that will enhance Kirkland parks.   Think of it as a Kirkland Parks  "Kickstarter."  The proposal they are working on right now is to fund a new picnic shelter at Waverly Beach Park.  The total cost is $150,000, an ambitious first project for the foundation, but definitely doable if I know our park-goers.  The City of Kirkland and The Rotary Club have each pledged $50,000 already, so that leaves another $50,000 to raise within our community.  Would YOU enjoy a picnic shelter at Waverly?  There would be a couple of BBQ's and covered seating for 40+ people that could host birthday parties, family reunions, picnics, and other events.  Sounds fabulous to me.

As of today, they have met 22% of that goal with 61 more days of crowd-funding to go.  So check your wallet and decide quickly.  If you visit this park on occasion, or even if you don't....a small donation still supports the concept and proves that raising money for our parks this way can work.  Who knows, maybe the next concept will be in your neighborhood or favorite park?  You can suggest a future project here.  Donations are welcomed here and are tax-deductible.  Questions? Contact Sally Otten ([email protected]), Excecutive Director, who is kindly donating 2 yrs of her time to this cause. ~j


Cross Kirkland Corridor- Lawsuit for Kirkland

Just saw this letter from the City Manager's office I thought you might be interested in...huh...

April 2, 2013

message about the Cross Kirkland Corridor

Dear Community Member,

It is with great disappointment
that I share with you that the City of Kirkland was served on April 1, 2013
with a Federal lawsuit which seeks to stop the City from removing the rail
tracks and ties along the Cross Kirkland Corridor. The lawsuit was filed by
Ballard Terminal Railroad Company (“Ballard”) in Federal District Court in the
Western District of Washington.  In addition to the injunction, Ballard
has filed a petition with the federal Surface Transportation Board (“STB”)
seeking to reactivate the Eastside Rail Corridor for freight service from
Woodinville to Bellevue, WA.  These actions make it necessary for the City
to carefully evaluate Ballard’s claims and to consider our legal options.

As you may be aware, the City has
hired a contractor to remove the rails to make way for an Interim Trail along
the Cross Kirkland Corridor.  The removal has been anticipated to begin
this month; with construction of the Interim Trail to begin this fall. We
intend to keep with the community’s desire to allow use of the trail as soon as
possible, even if it requires us to put our plans on hold as we take time to
better understand the impacts of the lawsuit and petition.

The Cross Kirkland Corridor is 5.75
miles of the 44+ mile Eastside Rail Corridor (ERC).  Apart from the
segments owned by the City of Kirkland and the City of Redmond, the ERC has
been recently acquired by King County. 

It is our initial understanding
that Ballard seeks to keep Kirkland from removing the rails on our Corridor so
that freight use can be re-established.  We are hopeful that the Federal
District Court will rule on the injunction case in the coming weeks and that
the STB decision regarding Ballard’s request to reactivate our Corridor as a
freight (not transit or excursion train) corridor will also be expedited.

We are confident that Kirkland will
ultimately be able to carry out our citizens’ vision for the Corridor. 
However, there are many complexities to this issue and your understanding and
patience is appreciated.  Updates will be released through the City’s
email notification subscriber lists and posted to the Cross Kirkland Corridor
webpage at

If you have a specific question,
please send it to Pam Bissonnette, Director, Public Works Department, at
425-587-3802 or [email protected].



Kurt Triplett

City Manager

City of Kirkland

Kirkland Summer Concerts Need Your Help!

Concerts  Concerts2

It seems strange to breathe the word 'summer' in January, but the Kirkland Summer Concert volunteers are working hard to firm up the program for us now, so that we can enjoy the shows when the sun (hopefully) returns.  The concerts are paid for entirely through sponsorships and donations and sponsors are needed to support the 2013 series.  As a sponsor, you receive valuable print and media publicity, and the opportunity to set up a table at the events.  And, of course, a good feeling in your heart knowing that so many Kirklanders will be thankful for your generosity. 

The Kirkland Summer Concerts recently won the "Best of 2012" Award from Seattle Magazine for "Best Live Music Venue/Nightlife in Kirkland."  This past summer marked 35 years of free community concerts at Marina Park.  The lineup for 2013 will be announced soon (perhaps after you decide to sponsor?)...Thursday evening concerts will feature a variety of blues, swing, classic rock, Latin, and reggae bands.  Tuesday morning concerts will MOVE to Juanita Beach Park, which has ample onsite parking, a large beach and playground, and easy access to Juanita Village.

For more information about sponsorships or the concerts, go to


Caren's Chicago Grill at Houghton Beach Park

It's not often you hear a Chicago accent in Seattle but Caren Shepsky is the real deal.  And as a recent graduate of Hot Dog University, she is serious about her dogs.  Caren's Chicago Grill is the little green house at Houghton Beach Park (used to be Agua Verde, 5811 Lake Wa Blvd) where she opened in mid-April.  She's working lots of hours to bring you the real Vienna beef dogs (made from bull meat) and neon green relish that mid-westerners can't live without. 

I really like this lady- she's enthusiastic about being here and even after being a  real estate broker and retiring, she confessed, "I always wanted to open a hot dog stand!" So here she is- and the least you can do is go visit her and order up a few dogs for the fam.  You can get a Chicago Dog, a Cheesy Dog, Seattle Dog, Matty Dog or even polish sausage or a vegan dog.  Caren also has paninis, sandwiches, nachos, fries, snacks, beverages and frozen treats (do I feel tingling down my left arm?).  With the kids play area behind her, she of course also has a children's menu (nuggets/grilled cheese/dogs/pizza) and sells buckets, bubbles, SPF too.  Most everything on the entire menu is $4-8.  Hours are generally 11-7:30 "everyday it's sunny."  Tell Caren I said hi.  Love that accent. Welcome to Kirkland. ~j

Help Kirkland Win the Dog Park Contest!!

Dog 2 
Kirkland needs your vote!  We are a finalist in PetSafe's National Dog Park Contest, with the contest winner receiving $100,000 to build their dog park.  The City of Kirkland and Kirkland  Off-Leash Group ( worked together on a video for the semi-finals for this contest, and then became one of just 15 cities in the country to make it to the finals.  You can vote every day until August 3rd for Kirkland at & at PetSafe's Facebook Page.  You'll also be able to view Kirkland's darling video submission there with dog, Lucky, visiting Kirkland parks and businesses, and even talking to the mayor.  Kirkland's Off-Leash Dog Group has an approved park site for the dog park, but is building their park without any City funding.  Please help them by barking for Kirkland by voting each day until August 3rd.  For more information about the dog park and park sponsorships, please go to  The winner gets announced on Aug 5th- GO KIRKLAND!!!

Hooray for Honey Buckets

Moms and children were crying out in distress all across the "Kirk-Land" when many of the local parks closed bathrooms and removed facilities last year as the result of a budgetary woes.  But you can rejoice again (and not have to pee in the bushes).  Restrooms are now open at Phyllis Needy, North Kirkland Community Center (Train Park) and South Rose Hill.  Honeybuckets are awaiting you at Woodlands Park, the Tot Lot, Spinney Homestead, Terrace, and Homestead Meadows.  What a relief. ;-)

Peter Kirk Park: New Play Coming Soon!

PKPark <--Now   Early March-->PKParkrendition

I did a double-take driving past Peter Kirk Park today when I saw a cyclone fence surrounding the play area in shambles.  A quick call to the parks dept revealed that the playground is being refurbished.  Recycling started today and it is expected to take three weeks.  Since the previous structure was 14 years old and  consistently needed new parts to keep it safe, the Parks Board chose PK park as the recipient of  approx $60K from the CIP (Capital Improvements Plan) budget.  Each year CIP funds, which can only be used for infrastructure, go towards improving a local playground. Looks like the kids of Kirkland are in for some new fun this spring! ~j

Kirkland Parks: Restroom Closures


Be sure your kids take their 'potty' break before heading out to the parks this season.  Due to budget cuts, ALL honeybuckets have been removed and the following neighborhood parks have closed their restrooms: North Kirkland Community Center (my kids call this the "Train Park"), Phyllis Needy Park (aka Houghton's Tot Lot), and South Rose Hill Park.

That's not all garbage cans in neighborhood parks either.  So be sure to keep our parks tidy and still pick up after yourselves. Or don't bring food or drink to the parks and then you won't have to clean up or go to the bathroom.  ~j

Concessions in the Parks

Kirkland Parks is mixing it up for us a bit this summer by allowing a few local businesses to have concession stands in the parks.  Keep an eye out this week for the Market Street Cafe trailer at Marina Park and Jimmy's on Houghton (owned by St. James Espresso) at Houghton Beach Park.  I love this idea!  Often in the summer we end up on these beaches for hours in the sun and have to take a break to search for food.  This year the food is coming to us!

Marketstcafetrailer Market Street Cafe, whose main location is just up the street from Marina Park at 609 Market St, will be offering more 'park-ready' foods than their upscale restaurant.  Here's a sneak peak at the menu where you'll find salads, kabobs and kid-friendly snacks.  They will be located over by the Argosy ticket stand (south of the restrooms)--to the left is a photo of their future spot.  Expect to find them seven days a week.  This will really come in handy during those concerts in the park which start on July 8th, btw.  Or you could dock your boat at the Marina to stop for a quick bite to go.

Jimmys_on_houghton_simulated_sign Jimmy's on Houghton, whose mother-ship is St. James Espresso at 355 Kirkland Ave, will also be opened 7 days a week during daylight hours.  You'll find them right across from Kidd Valley in the multi-purpose building in Houghton Beach Park.  Check out the rendition of their new sign (left). The menu is still being finalized, but you should be looking for lots of espresso drinks, blended drinks, frozen treats, baked goods, wraps/kids sandwiches, soup, salads, and don't forget the dog treats!  You can even use your pre-paid St. James cards at this location too. 

Sounds like spending even more time in our parks this summer just got easier.   Once my kids spy these stands there will be no going home. :-)   j