Fun Stuff this Week & my Summer Photos

I try to avoid my office on sunny days but the sunny days keep on coming! I HEART summer. I thought you'd appreciate my summer (so far)in photos summary.  EventPhotoFull_fashion show _2018
But not until I let you know about the "Beat the Heat Fashion Show" Kirkland Chamber business luncheon happening on July 12th from 11:30-1:30at the Woodmark Hotel. $35 ahead of time or $40 at the door. Register here.  You'll be admiring styles by local businesses such as Via Lago, Seattle Thread Company, Purpose, Essentials on Park Lane, Serendipity and more (and some Mermaid hair extentions, of course!)

After that, you'll be ready for Kirkland Uncorked July 13 (2-8pm), 14th (11a-8p), and the 15th (11a-6p). Tickets are $25 (21 and older please) and you can purchase here ahead of time.  Food trucks, tasting gardens (beer, wine, cocktails) and a street market all culminates in a fun and festive atmosphere down in Marina Park. Best burger competition, boat show and a cover dog model search for CityDog Magazine (I couldn't make this stuff up?). 

Here's my summer -- send me your fun summertime pics from around Kirkland and maybe I'll share them too!


 please don't try this at home. it must be fun to be 15 :-)

IMG_5177 I've been to about 56 baseball gamesIMG_0060 When does this sport get easier? #endless buckets

IMG_7389 You can never waterski enoughIMG_0056Or eat enough ice cream  (here's looking at you Sirena!)  

IMG_0076 Then there's this new adventure.  That's true fear right there. Can you feel it?

#onlyinaparkinglot #bewaredrivers

Kirkland 4th of July Needs You

First, because I am a nosy nelly and love this kind of stuff. Did you see this article in the Seattle Time Pacific NW Magazine? Stuart McLeod, Kirkland local and owner of Hector's and Milagro Cantina, has a home that many of us check out and admire while on Lake WA Blvd while sitting in traffic or jogging down the boulevard.  I love that he shared a sneak peek inside for this article.

Celebrate Kirkland 4th of July 2017 needs our help. They're still $14K away from being able to pay the bills for this year's event. And who doesn't love a good party in honor of 'Merica?  Every bit counts, please send what you can to support this great Kirkland tradition: or you can mail to Celebrate Kirkland/KDA at 440 Central Way, Kirkland, WA 98033 or drop off a check at The Grape Choice or Hallmark Realty. 

MelodyLynneVineyard  <-- I spy wine on Kirkland Ave. Melody Lynne Vineyard Tasting Room & Wine Bar opening soon.


Wanted: Glass Slippers Sz 10.5

Wellllll, it's work-boots really.  I'll bet you have an old pair in your garage and you would feel really awesome if you gave them to somebody in need.   

Let me explain-I wrote a post back in Sept about a homeless man named Steve that often stands at the corner of 100th and 116th (near Columbia Athletic Club).  A few people have mentioned that it helped them take notice or give a wave and a smile, maybe a buck for coffee.  And it sounds like many of you have reached out also.   My kids still get excited every time they see Steve, and willingly surrender their unopened food/drinks out the window if we happen to catch the red light.  

It gave me warm fuzzies to get this update from a reader.  A sort of full circle scenario:blogger->reader->subject->reader->blogger.  Cause, believe it or not, I don't do this gig for the whopping paycheck or employee benefits. It's because of the all of the awesome people in this city and our common interests as a  community- all inter-connected.  Check your garage, please.  You guys rock. (poor Steve might get 17 pairs of boots now)...

Here is the recent note from a reader (thank you, Ginny, for sharing):

I'm on the #255 bus heading downtown & saw Steve. Ever since your column,  I've stopped occasionally. I greeted him = I'm the lady who waves hello from across the street on my walk.  Your name/ column came up. Steve always wanted to tell you  how much he appreciated your kind words - and the day you & the girls stopped by to chat.

 So, here he is:

"Thank you! Apparently you have some wonderful followers on your weblog who have stopped. I really appreciate it. God Bless You. 

I'm no longer homeless. I live in an apartment downtown Seattle. I'm keeping it real and trying to make it happen. There are some really good people out there and I just want to thank  them.


PS Anybody out there with a size 10 1/2 work boot? I'm usually @ 116th corner 11:30am -1:30 pm several days a week.


Knowledge Nuggets to Share...

I don't know much (go ahead, insert smart-ass comment here), but I will share these tidbits I know for now.  More later. 

-Charlie's Burgers- CLOSED. 

- Jake's "Life is Good" is closing- I heard Marty and Reagan are moving to Cali which makes me sad b/c they could quite possibly be the two nicest happy people on the planet.  Everything is on sale if you hurry in!

-Weds Market is moving back to Marina Park this year.  Opening day 6/5.

-Park Lane- moving fwd with finding funding to create a 'festival style' street, where cars can still park there during peak hours but then it will close off for fun events and all be walking/seating. LOVE.  

-A friend of mine is putting on this mud run and it totally looks like fun (even though it's not in Kirkland) on 7/13. 

-Sweet & Sassy- women's boutique opening in what used to be the other half of Bikini Beach.  Is this the same one that used to be in downtown Kirkland years ago? need to investigate!

- Zaw Pizza- artisan take/bake pizza with wine pairings. Heard great things.  Opening in Crush Footwear's old spot next to Fox Cleaners.

-2CH- I still have no idea what is going on in this old spot across from Columbia Athletic Club. They created a drive-thru, the city stopped them, then they un-did their drive thru and created parking and re-lined their lot.  Seems silently still there now.




My Exit Interview with Bill Vadino

Bill Vadino has stepped down as the Executive Director for the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce and Kirkland Downtown Association (KDA).  He will be moving on to become the Show Director for the Kirkland Concours d'Elegance.  He also has another mysterious Eastside consulting gig in the works which he will be announcing soon.  So, before Bill pushes out on his sleigh, I had a few questions and they went something like this... (I'm in bold)


Pressing questions...Yes or No..

Is parking a problem in Kirkland? "Can you hold for a second? I am looking for a parking space"

Will the Antique Mall be there forever? "No--I just told Marilyn Dillard there will be a Santa Claus."

Are there too many spas and salons downtown? "Oh--are those all the places between the restaurants, coffee shops and consignment clothes stores?"

Is that you that dresses up the cow statue on Central every holiday? "I thought it was you and your kids--or PETA"

Too many political floats in the 4th of July parade? "Politicians in the parade? I am shocked, shocked..."

 Hard to believe, but not everyone in Kirkland knows Bill Vadino,  Director of the KDA and Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.  Tell us what the heck that means in 3 sentences or less. 

 "Well the Chamber is a membership organization of businesses that believe that "what is good for neighbors is good for business" by making Kirkland a great place to work, live and play.  Most importantly for me aside from the networking events, public policy advocacy, business assistance and downtown/community events is the community service aspect getting neighbors and business folks (sometimes  to volunteer to help the hungry, homeless, and those who need medical care.  The Kirkland Concours was (at least for me) the piece de resistance with it generating 1.5 million for uncompensated medical care for children over the last 9 years. 

 -Where are you scurrying off to and why?

"Well, I have four tasks and I am keeping two, shedding two and adding one.  After 10 years (combined) I will be leaving the Chamber and Downtown Association to focus on my two other tasks--the Kirkland Concours which, while is planned by volunteers here in Kirkland and on the eastside, will be at the new LeMay America's Car Museum in Tacoma as well as my "friends and family."  Another exciting position on the eastside will be announced eventually which I am looking forward to as well.  Good news is that I will be around as many of my friends are here"

 -Tell me why you think Kirkland is Super Cool.  And what would make it even cooler

 "It's the people and their volunteerism linked with the small town Mayberry with enough Peyton Place to keep things interesting.  What would be even cooler is to have a foundation that helps fund all of our community organizations from those who help the needy as well as the arts and event organizations."

 -Favorite event in Kirkland? (tough to pick one, I know) that the Kirkland Concours is moving and I don't have to be "Switzerland" anymore I would say Summerfest and Moss Bay Days which may return in a new incarnation next summer.

 -Who will (try to) fill your shoes? Still looking for candidates? What unique skills are required besides looking snappy in a suit and having the balance to hang off of ladders while hanging holiday decorations? (photo)

 "Bond, James Bond.  With all his stunt work as the new Bond, Daniel Craig would be perfect on the ladders.  Or Charles Durning as the governor in the "Little W****house in Texas ("oh I like to dance the little side you see me now you don’t) for all the moments when my successor tries to please all he people all the time.  Most of what happens will continue in exemplary fashion because of all the volunteers that have enabled success since 1935.  Are you available?"

 -If it was your last meal in Kirkland, where would you go?  

 "I would be a like a hobbit and have six meals (two breakfasts, lunches and dinners) so George's, Hectors, Sasi's, Bin, Crab Cracker, of course Trellis.  And dessert at Sweet Cakes."

 Good luck Bill! We will miss you (but we still know where to find you!) ~j 






Matt McConaughey in Kirkland

Mattandme That's right, folks, he's right here in our own Heathman Hotel.  Some friends spotted him in the gym and then at the bar at Trellis last night.  Is he filming a movie in town?  I don't know, but I've got to work on the assumption that he has finally come to find me.  I promptly called Steve at work to let him know that a star on my Friends "Top 5" list was in town and that we were invoking the free hall pass scenario asap. 

Aren't we cute together?  A bit chilly for the sundress but we don't care- our love is all the warmth we need.  Might be a good night for cocktails at Trellis.  Viewing only ladies, he's all mine.  Welcome to Kirkland, Mattie!  ~j

Rich Perks Up Market Street

Richmarketstperk The little private drive-up coffee huts in the Seattle area have always amazed me.  Having previously lived in NJ, NC, SC and GA, I have never observed this concept anywhere else.  Probably because they don't have as many coffee fiends in such a concentrated area as we do.  But I have to say I have been converted to a coffee stand addict.

Market Street Perk is the bright orange coffee stand that resides on Market St. and 16th Ave W in front of the Zip Market.  And Rich Connelly is the owner, and local resident, that you can find there almost every day of the week to greet you with a smile and hot cup of joe.  When I'm pulling up to the window I can already hear him bellowing, "Heyyyyyyyy, darlin'!  What can I get for you this mornin'?"  Somehow the foggy cloud starts to lift from around my head as I smell the fresh roasted coffee beans.  I don't know how he's so happy and energetic in the morning but it's kind of contagious, so I proceed with ordering my vanilla latte.  And I love that he knows my kids will stop whining if he hands them a hot pink straw to play with ( in lieu of a lollipop). 

These coffee houses aren't just about the coffee, they are about the people.  There's no traffic flagger directing me through the long line so I can talk to the speakerphone with my order.  This is just a neighborhood place.  Rich has been in business for nine years, serves up about 150 cups of coffee a day, and does all of his own Brazilian bean roasting daily.   He bought it from his sister (it used to be on 7th/Market) and -go figure- has never had a cup of coffee in his life (!).  That's quite an achievement living out here and owning a coffee stand.  But maybe that's a good thing.  Like a big lady owning a bakery or pill-popper owning a pharmacy, if he drank coffee in that little hut all day his teeth would be brown and he'd be bouncing off the walls like a pinball machine.

I asked Rich if he gets claustrophobic in there.  "No, just bored," he says.  So, what do you do?  "I clean or I've got cable and my computer in here, or I flirt," says the single Connelly with a chuckle.   He also said lots of drivers hit his stand with the back of their cars when pulling away and don't even realize it- "it's like an earthquake in here," he says.  But just one of the dangers of the job I guess.

Rich's stand is open from 6:30am-5pm Mon-Fri and 8-4 on weekends.  Be sure to stop by and visit him from 3-5 M-F for happy hour when drinks are only $1.50.


Lake Street's Homeless


Meet Paul.  You've probably seen him as you drive through downtown Kirkland.  He used to sit over by the Third Floor Fish Cafe, but has recently moved half a block north to the planters by the now vacant Kabloom.   I'm sure that compared to the national average, Kirkland's homeless population is slim, so we couldn't help but notice Paul sitting by himself and decided to go have a chat.

"Do you live in Kirkland?" I ask as he looks at his bags by his feet and says, "I guess you could say that."  DUH.  I'm an idiot.  Recover, recover.  "Did you grow up here?" He responds, " Is anybody really from here?"  Now I'm thinking this guy could make a great politician-- really vague and answering each question with another question. 

Turns out our friend Paul is a student at Bryman College and takes classes there during the day.  Not sure what for, that part got glossed over a bit.  He also says he's worked for many of the big companies in Seattle and around.  From the warehouse of to the floor of the stock exchange.  Sounds like the guy is just down on his luck.  He's a nice guy with a big smile.  And says that people and the police don't seem to bother him too much.  Let's hope he can stay warm during all these cold nights.